Medical Marijuana Delivery Service & FDA Letter Grade Food Labels


The Doctors: Medical Marijuana

In recent years, Medical Marijuana has been a hot topic in the news. Some states and cities allow it to be prescribed for medical use, and its acceptance is generally on the rise in polls. But some legislators and governmental agencies are pushing back, signaling a long fight ahead for both sides on this issue.

“16 states and the District of Columbia currently allow the use of medicinal marijuana,” Dr. Travis Stork said. “But what about a delivery service?”


He explained that medical marijuana delivery companies are now advertising next to pizza restaurants and dry cleaners in local publications, even offering discounts and specials.

The Drs: Medical Marijuana

The Doctors talked about the medical marijuana delivery services now available in some areas.

The Doctors: Marijuana Delivery Service

The Doctors asked people on the street to weigh in, and with their typical prowess and knowledge when it comes to current events and health on this show, I expect great things.


One man said that marijuana is a proven gateway drug, and it’s wrong to make it so easily available. One woman said that it’s a great service to offer for people who are in pain, while another called it “really weird,” saying it would lead to abuse. Another man echoed these sentiments, that it would lead to even more abuse of the system.

“I don’t really see what the difference is, because it’s being prescribed by a doctor,” said the woman who got the last word. For once, the street interviews were cogent and articulate.

The Drs TV: Marijuana Recreational Vs Medicinal Use

“I’m still having trouble with this concept of, ‘You call pizza, I’ll call the marijuana guy,’” Dr. Travis said.

Dr. Jim Sears said the real issue is recreational versus medicinal use of marijuana. Dr. Lisa Masterson weighed in, saying that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, should be manufactured medicinally and regulated so that people can’t abuse the system.

Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

The Doctors agreed that it is too easy to get a prescription for marijuana, since it can be prescribed for nearly any condition. They were concerned about the drug’s effects on teens in terms of development and motivation, though benefits for cancer patients and other conditions are valid.

Dr. Travis said the medical community needs to take this seriously as a medical opportunity and do more research on its long term potential as a pain relief drug.

The Doctors: Walmart ‘Great For You’ Grocery Labels

It can be hard to tell just by looking at the package whether what you are buying for dinner is good for your family’s health. But Walmart, the nation’s largest grocer, has updated its labeling in an attempt to help shoppers locate healthy choices on the shelves.

They use a green logo marker that says “Great For You” on items in the store, from canned goods to fresh produce, to help shoppers save time and make healthier choices.

The Drs TV: Healthier Grocery Labeling

The Doctors said this is a step in the right direction, because it gets people thinking about what they are eating and starts a conversation. But they were concerned that this system could be biased in favor of the store’s brands, especially since it’s not regulated by an independent authority.

They also said that how you cook food and your daily caloric intake play a part in whether or not foods are good for you. But Dr. Jim said the existing nutrition labels can be difficult for most people to decipher.

“You can take something that’s good for you and make it bad for you,” Dr. Lisa said. Also, some past labeling systems didn’t work.

The Doctors: FDA Letter Grade Labeling

Dr. Travis proposed that the Food & Drug Administration put together an independent letter grade labeling system, which would be consistent from store to store and help shoppers navigate healthy choices.

While Dr. Lisa said she thinks parents should have the opportunity to make their own decisions and learn about nutrition information and labeling, Dr. Jim said it needs to be easier for parents.

The Drs TV: Food Letter Grades

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that people would still buy their favorite foods if they received an F label under this proposed system, just like people still buy cigarettes and alcohol, despite the warning labels on those products.

Also, Dr. Jim said that parents could provide a balance of letter grade foods. He said that when he talks to his young patients, he uses a red light/yellow light/green light system to help children understand how to make healthy food choices.

The Doctors: Food Vs Exercise

“It’s not just about food, it’s about exercise,” Dr. Lisa said. “People aren’t moving either, so you can’t just blame food.” She suggested government sponsored workplace exercise programs and incentives for doctors to treat the obese population. She said you can’t just blame food for this problem.

But Dr. Travis said food is the easiest place to start. Processed, fattening, and sugary foods have helped people put on pounds in recent decades. Dr. Lisa stressed that you can have a healthy diet, but if you’re not exercising you could still be at risk.


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