Joy Bauer Trail Mix Recipe | Olive Oil & Frozen Yogurt Hidden Calories


The Doctors: Unhealthy Health Foods

The Doctors team shared 5 Reasons for Your Bad Mood, How To Avoid Morning Mistakes, and Women’s Health Rules in their top 5 list show. Next, they turned to a pro for fitness and health advice. Joy Bauer is the go to girl for nutrition and weight loss on Today. See what she had to share with The Doctors audience about so-called Healthy Foods with Hidden Calories and get the Joy Bauer Trail Mix Recipe.

The Drs: Joy Bauer Today Show

Highlights from Joy Bauer’s work on the Today Show revealed how she worked with one woman who went from a size 20 to a size 2, and is now saving $40 daily by making food for herself at home.


Joy Bauer hung out with Dr Travis Stork to share her Sneaky Foods, which contain healthy ingredients but also high calories.

The Doctors: Trail Mix Calories

Joy Bauer Trail Mix Recipe: The Doctors

Cut the calories with the Joy Bauer Trail Mix Recipe featured on The Doctors.

When you check out your favorite trail mix, the calorie and nutrition facts are for a small serving, such as 1/4 cup. That could be as high as 177 calories, and you’re probably eating multiple servings at once, skyrocketing the calories from your snack.


The Drs: Joy Bauer Trail Mix Recipe

To avoid the unwanted calories, Joy shared her own quick and easy trail mix recipe.


  • 2 cups Popcorn (air popped)
  • Whole Grain Cereal
  • 1 tablespoon Nuts
  • 1 tablespoon Dried Fruit
  • 1 tablespoon Dark Chocolate Chips


  1. Mix ingredients together and store in a container for quick snacking.
  2. You can eat a one-cup serving of this for around 175 calories, which is the same as a miniscule portion of that store bought trail mix.

The Doctors: Whole Grain Pasta Calories

Joy Bauer said whole grain pasta is better than white pasta. But a restaurant portion is 200-300 calories. Even if you get light marinara sauce, you could still be getting over 800 calories in your meal.

She suggested ordering pasta loaded with less pasta and more veggies. Swapping this out three times weekly could add up to 11 pounds lost and 40,000 fewer calories.

The Drs: Olive Oil Mister Calories

Joy Bauer said Olive Oil is heart healthy but calorie rich. “Before the food even hits that skillet, 200 calories,” she said.

She suggested using an Oil Mister to spray the skillet before you cook, cutting your calories to a fraction, at just about 35 calories.

The Doctors: Fruit Juice Sugar Content

Fruit Juice has good calories and health benefits. But even 100% fruit juice is as high in sugar as soda and other drinks. A 16-ounce serving of juice has about 200 calories. Instead, Joy recommended sparkling water or seltzer, plus fresh fruit.

The Drs: Frozen Yogurt

Who doesn’t love Frozen Yogurt? But just adding two toppings, like granola and chocolate chips, can quickly add up to 400 calories. That equals eight chocolate chip cookies or a piece of pie.

“The frozen yogurt, everyone has this idea that it’s super healthy for you. But a lot of it’s loaded with sugars again,” Dr Travis said.

Joy recommended getting a small serving size and sticking to one topping, such as fresh fruit, to keep your calories in a more reasonable range of about 150.

The Doctors: Joy Fit Club Review

You can get more advice from Joy and the people she has helped in Joy Bauer’s book, The Joy Fit Club.

“It’s a diet book. It has meal plans, recipes, and superstar inspirational stories from regular people,” Joy said.

Of course, Joy threw in free copies of her book for The Doctors studio audience.


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