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The Doctors: John Tesh Radio

John Tesh and The Doctors both take similar approaches to sharing health information with audiences. John calls himself a curator, helping connect his radio show listeners with information and resources that will benefit them.

“I’ll try and go through research manuals and try and find an answer,” John said. But there are some questions for which he can’t seem to find an answer. He brought one such question to The Doctors to answer during his appearance on their show.


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The Drs: Iron Diet Foods

Leafy green vegetables are one good way to make sure kids have enough Iron in their diets.

The Drs TV: Toddlers & Hemoglobin

A woman named Carrie reached out to John Tesh. She is the mother of two-year-old twins, and test results indicate that their Hemoglobin levels have dropped. She wondered what types of diet choices she should encourage to boost their Hemoglobin.


In the studio, The Doctors got Carrie on the phone to get an answer to her question about her toddlers’ low iron levels.

The Doctors: Low Iron in Toddlers

Though the twins are not yet considered anemic, Carrie said their Iron levels are low. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears said this is common in children of that age. Since they have stopped breastfeeding and are sometimes picky eaters, they may not be getting a lot of Iron in their diets yet.

In addition, he said that rapid growth in children of that age will also deplete their bodies’ Iron stores. Dr. Jim said you should keep an eye on it so they don’t develop Anemia and associated developmental problems.

What Is Hemoglobin

Dr. Jim explained that Hemoglobin carries Oxygen in Red Blood Cells to the body tissues. Kids should be getting about seven milligrams of Iron in their daily diets, up to age 10. Iron sources include red meats, chicken, eggs, green vegetables, beans, and even raisins, so there are plenty of options, even for picky eaters.

Dairy Prevents Iron Absorption

Carrie also asked whether dairy products could pose problems with the body’s ability to absorb Iron from food. Dr. Jim said this is a concern, so you want to serve your children water at meal time when they are getting their Iron.

They can have Milk with a snack, but you want to wait two hours before or after a meal to ensure that they are getting the benefits of Iron.

Vitamin C Helps Body Absorb Iron

For added benefit, have kids take Vitamin C with their Iron rich foods. Lemon juice on vegetables, bell peppers in eggs, or even ketchup on a burger can help the body better process Iron.

Concerns about Iron and Anemia are the reason why pregnant women often take calcium supplements to keep everything in balance, according to Dr. Lisa Masterson.

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