Drs: Juice Bar For Low-Income Areas + Oral Damage From Bulimia


The Doctors: Eatsa, Humanless Restaurant

The Doctors reported that there is a brand new fast food restaurant in San Francisco called Eatsa, that is the first human-free restaurant. There are no servers or wait staff, but there are a few people in the back who prepare the food. There’s on attendant who helps with problems, but you order iPad style and the food shows up for you. The food is allegedly pretty healthy too. Dr Rachael Ross said she enjoys going into a restaurant and tipping people to help the economy.

Would you eat at a restaurant like Eatsa?


The Doctors: Juices For Life Juice Bar For Low-Income Communities

Drs: Juice Bar For Low-Income Areas + Oral Damage From Bulimia

The Doctors heard from rapper Styles P about why he thought it was important to place juice bars in low income communities. (cjtrigg / Flickr)

The Doctors then talked about the new chain of juice bars, thanks to rapper Styles P. Styles P joined the show via Skype and explained that in poor communities there aren’t a lot of healthy options. He said growing up in “the hood” made him realize that his bad temper, among other things, could be related to the food he was putting in his body. He liked the idea of healthy juices to supplement nutrition, so he put together Juices for Life.


The Doctors applauded Styles P for his work, and look forward to checking it out. What do you think about juice bars in low-income communities? Could it help the negative situations occurring there?

The Doctors: Actress Suffering With Bulimia

The Doctors then introduced Samantha, who began forcing herself to throw up when she was just 12-years-old. She worked as an actress and would binge and then throw up, saying it rid her of her problems. She even said her bulimia stopped being about weight and became a way for her to release anxiety. Over the past five years, she’s suffered all kinds of pain, as a result of her eating disorder. It’s now been five months since she’s thrown up, but she’s left dealing with IBS, acid reflux, hypoglycemia, dehydration, and worst o all, severe oral damage.

Samantha said she’s 35-years-old and it’s time for her to move on. Samantha went to see Dr Joe Willardsen at True Dentistry about her oral issues. Samantha had a lot of decay, a lot of damage, and the enamel on her teeth was practically destroyed. Dr Willardsen had to do impressions of Samantha’s teeth, which was incredibly painful for her. Three ways later, he went in and cleaned up the teeth, beginning to remove some of the broken teeth.

The Doctors: Dental Makeover For Model With Bulimia

Dental makeover for actress who previously suffered with bulimia. The Doctors showed everyone Samantha’s teeth before, and then revealed what she looked like now. Samantha said she never thought she would get her smile back after suffering from bulimia for 20 years. Samantha then shared that she hadn’t purged in six months, and Dr Mike Dow said it’s about finding the right ways to deal with anxiety, using exercise or meditation, rather than turning to an eating disorder.

The Doctors gave Samantha free access to the Doctors on Demand app for counseling sessions with a psychologist. Do you think Samantha is truly over her eating disorder? Will her new smile help keep her on the right track?


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