The Doctors: Healthy Fats For Breakfast + RIP Stuart Scott


The Drs: Healthy Fats For Breakfast

The Doctors shared fatty breakfast foods that won’t make you fat and to help with their discussion, they welcomed author and registered dietitian Keri Glassman. She shared that she loves fat, just like most of us, but the problem is that too many of us eat it the wrong way. She said the truth is that fat can help us slim down when eaten the right way.

The Drs: Healthy Fats For Breakfast

The Doctors explained why eating certain fats for breakfast can actually be good for you. (MSPhotographic /


The Drs: Healthy Quiche & French Toast

She shared a quiche that, instead of being made with a buttery, unhealthy crust, was made with wheat germ and flax seed. Instead of the cheddar cheese, she used goat cheese, and also added some jalapeno and broccoli.

As for French toast, traditionally it is made with white bread and a ton of syrup. Instead, swap the white bread for whole grain bread, and instead of syrup top it with a mixture made of oats, pears, almonds, and honey. Like Keri said, you’re getting the right amounts of fat from the right types of fat.

Next, she wanted to go old school, saying that instead of having white bread with traditional butter, she swapped it out for whole grain toast and grass-fed butter which has more vitamin A and K. Dr Travis Stork said they’re bringing butter back.


The Drs: Why Hitting Snooze Is Bad

The Doctors then revealed that although a lot of us constantly hit the snooze button, it actually disturbs your REM sleep. When you eventually do get up, you’re in a bit of a fog and your productivity takes a nosedive. To avoid the snooze button, get a clock that doesn’t have one or put the alarm clock far enough away that you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. You can also set your alarm for when you would typically snooze to so that if you do hit it, you’ll be late.

“Late” was the word of the day and you can use the word of the day to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Linoto.

The Drs: Influenza Outbreak

For The Doctors News in 2:00, The Doctors shared that according to the CDC over 20 pediatric deaths have been caused by the current influenza outbreak which has now reached widespread levels in 43 states. Flu activity generally hits during the coldest months with the very old and very young being the most at risk. The CDC recommends people get the flu vaccine to protect themselves.

You can become infected when someone who has the flu coughs or sneezes, so frequent hand washing should be a top priority, especially during flu season.

The Drs: Winter Storm Hits U.S.

The Doctors then shared that millions of Americans, including those in the South, have been affected by the first winter storm of the New Year. In some parts of the country wind chills reached nearly 50 below. Water management crews have been forced to de-ice fire hydrants and rail workers in Chicago were heating switches with open flames to keep them from freezing solid.

The storm has caused several car accidents and numerous pile-ups in several states. Exposed skin can get frostbite in about 15-20 minutes, so be sure to keep plenty of coats and blankets in your car.

The Drs: RIP Stuart Scott + Appendix Cancer

The Doctors then discussed the passing of ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott. For over seven years, he heroically fought cancer of the appendix. Less than 1,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with the type of cancer that is so rare, not even the American Cancer Society has death-rate estimates for the disease. He was diagnosed in 2007 after an emergency appendectomy. A ruptured appendix can often be a symptom of this type of cancer.

The Drs: Restaurant Seating Affects Eating Habits

The Doctors shared that a recent study found a connection between where you sit in a restaurant and the likelihood of making healthy food choices. Researchers found that people who ate at dark tables or booths not only ate heavier food but they ate more as well. People who ate farthest from the front door were 70% more likely to order dessert and the closer the table was to a TV, the more fried food a person bought.

Seek tables near a well-lit area or a window, so that you’re more conscious of what you’re eating.


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