The Doctor’s Diet Weight Loss: 12 Lbs In a Week + Anytime Vegetables


The Doctor’s Diet Weight Loss Results

The Doctors talked to several woman on the show today who have made it their mission to lose weight and are trying to do it together on The Doctors DietDr. Travis Stork’s new diet book. Dr. Travis Stork has highlighted the benefits of his diet in previous segments. Now, some women shared their stories

Dr Travis Stork: The Doctor’s Diet Goal

Christina has tried many different diets. Alina had gone to many doctors different times to lose weight and she was convinced she had a thyroid issue. Sarah said the program focuses on being healthy and avoiding diseases, which she thought was a cool focus. Michelle said she felt uncomfortable meeting the other women, because she was one of the heaviest people. She said she didn’t want to have to tell her children someday that she was sick because she didn’t take care of herself. Jennifer said she was “super excited” for this diet.


Could you lose 12 pounds in one week? That's what happened to one woman on The Doctor's Diet, which includes reliance on Anytime Vegetables.

Could you lose 12 pounds in one week? That’s what happened to one woman on The Doctor’s Diet, which includes reliance on Anytime Vegetables.

Melissa said that when her husband left her a couple years ago after 16 years together, and then started eating and drinking wine heavily. She said that one of her goals was to feel control over herself and then get confidence to date again. Leslie said that she never looks in the mirror, she just looked at herself from the chin up so that she can do her make-up. But The Doctor’s Diet has given her the confidence to look in the mirror again.

The Drs TV: Woman Loses 12 Lbs in a Week

Dr. Travis Stark said these are all lovely ladies, and he wanted to hear from them after a week of being on The Doctor’s Diet. Michelle, who was the most emotional in the package and worried about going to the ER someday due to not taking care of herself, said that after just a week of being on The Doctor’s Diet, she’s already lost 12 pounds! She looked incredibly proud when she announced it.


The Doctors: Weight Loss Success Stories

Michelle is a mother of three who has a full time job and has to juggle all the responsibilities of her life. She said that the diet has given her a lot more energy. She said it was an easy plan to follow because of its focus on how to eat food properly.

Melissa, whose husband left her a few years ago, is down six pounds, so she feels a lot lighter and she’s gained a lot of confidence. Dr. Rachael Ross said that the best way to get back at an ex-lover is to look great, and that’s what Melissa is doing. Dr. Travis Stork  said, “I really believe in my heart and soul that eating well can change every single element of your life.” He said that most diets have false promises, and that’s not what he wanted to do.

The Doctors: Anytime Vegetables

So what kind of tips can you find on this diet? One of the big parts is Dr. Travis Stork’s “Anytime Vegetables.” What does that mean? Well, on this diet, you can eat as much vegetables as you want. A cup of spinach only has 10 calories. Dr. Travis Stork said he knows that most people don’t think vegetables can be delicious, but he’s not talking about eating raw broccoli all day. He has recipes in the book for vegetable dishes, including one called Anytime Vegetable Soup. He said his dad loves the soup, and Michelle said that she enjoys it.


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