The Doctors: Decapitated Woman Survives & Yoga Health Benefits


The Doctors: Decapitated Woman Survives

The Doctors are often discussing and investigating rare medical stories and cases, but this next one might be the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. When you think of Decapitation, you probably associate it with immediate and instant death. There is no way you can survive having your head removed from the body and spine, right?

That is generally true. But on the February 29 2012 episode of The Doctors, they will share the remarkable story of a woman named Judy, who was decapitated in a car accident. She lived to share her story, and even came through some remarkable and risky surgeries.


The Doctors: Varicose Veins

The Doctors will explain how to treat Varicose Veins on the February 29 2012 episode.

This woman sounds like she has a fighting spirit, and I’m excited to hear about her amazing story. It should be fascinating, and it is already changing my mental perceptions of decapitation.

The Doctors: Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga is not just a trendy health crazy. It’s actually been around for hundreds of years, and proper practice of yoga can lead to increased flexibility and other medically proven, scientifically verifiable health benefits.


On the February 29 2012 episode of The Doctors, the team will examine how these yoga positions and stretches can improve various aspects of your health. If you suffer from chronic cramps or migraines, maybe one of these poses can help you.

Have you ever thought about doing Yoga to improve your blood pressure? Learn how it can help on an upcoming episode of The Doctors.

The Doctors: Varicose Veins

What are your burning medical and health questions? If you’ve been waiting for The Doctors to address the health issue that is on your mind, you may be in luck. The Doctors love answering viewer questions. They recently took on topics about the Health Benefits & Risks Of Liquids, including liquid soap, liquid baby formula, and even liquid contraception.

On their February 29 2012 episode, The Doctors will investigate ways you can learn the sex of your baby. Plus, they will share a remedy to get rid of troubling and unsightly Varicose Veins.  You’ll have to tune in or read the recaps to get all the details.


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