The Doctors: Cellulite Treatments & Beauty Secrets


The Doctors: February 24 2012

It can be an embarrassing and unsightly problem, but The Doctors say they have a solution. They will share their Vanishing Cellulite Secrets on the February 24, 2012 episode of The Doctors. Knowing Dr. Andrew Ordon, it may have something to do with his favorite magic potion, Botox, but we’ll have to wait until the show to find out.

That’s just the beginning of the beauty secrets coming up on the show. Here’s what else is ahead on the show.


The Drs: Oscar Beauty Secrets

Before the Oscars this weekend, get stars' beauty secrets from The Doctors.

The Drs TV: Lose Weight & Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to achieve these two health and fitness goals? Every diet and exercise plan is designed with their eyes on these prizes of losing weight and looking younger. What strategies and tricks will The Doctors have up their sleeves this time?

They are promising to reveal the same secrets your favorite Hollywood stars use, so maybe there is a clue in that. Of course, movie stars will be doing their best to look young and beautiful when they hit the red carpet.


The Doctors: Oscars Beauty Secrets

The upcoming February 24, 2012 episode of The Doctors will feature various beauty secrets you can use to look like your favorite Hollywood celebrities. You can see them strut their stuff this weekend on the Red Carpet for the 2012 Academy Awards.

But before you find out if your favorite stars win for the films you loved over the last year, you can learn how they pull off those glamorous and envied looks, and how you can achieve them for yourself.

I’m curious about whether these ideas will be practical, because sometimes the surgical options and services featured by The Doctors are only available in major cities like New York and LA, which means not everyone can have access to them.

The Doctors: Egg White Meringue Treatment

Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Andrew Ordon will demonstrate an Egg White Meringue Treatment you can make to tighten up your skin. That’s just one of the remedies and solutions that will be revealed on this upcoming episode of The Doctors.

Here are some past beautifying secrets you can try out. Have you used the Mango Papaya Smoothie Facial Mask or the Anti Aging Cactus Juice?


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