The Drs TV Show: Nancy Grace Ovarian Cancer Scare


The Doctors TV Show spoke about Nancy Grace’s Ovarian Cancer scare to try to raise awareness for the deadly disease of Ovarian Cancer.  Nancy Grace, a television judge, was doing a routine physical when the lady doing the ultrasound stopped and went to get the doctor.  The doctor took Grace into his office and said that he thinks she could have Ovarian Cancer because there was a mass on one of her ovaries.

The Doctors TV Show: Ovarian Cancer

Nancy Grace went to pick-up her twins and could not stop thinking about who would pick-up her kids if she died, because Ovarian Cancer sounds like a death The Doctors TV Show Ovarian Cancersentence.  She went through a surgery, which was somewhat more complicated since she had a C-Section with her twins.  And when she woke-up from the surgery, her husband told her that they discovered it was not really cancer.  Imagine the relief!


The Drs: Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Dr Lisa Masterson said that Ovarian Cancer Symptoms tend to be very benign, and that there is not really a good screening for Ovarian Cancer yet.  But some common symptoms include swelling in your belly, pain in the pelvic area, feeling or being full early when you eat, bladder symptoms like urinary frequency or urgency, irregular bleeding, or bowel changes like diarrhea or constipation.  Dr Lisa said that we need better Ovarian Cancer Screening Tests though, because it is hard to figure out with these nondescript symptoms that could be caused by any number of different things.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that what you can do now though, especially if you have a history of Ovarian Cancer in your family, talk to your doctor about getting ultrasounds earlier and keep following-up with your doctor.  If you love your kids, Nancy Grace says that the most important thing you can do is to go to your doctors regularly.

Dr Travis Stork: Colon Cancer Webcast

Dr Travis Stork said that tomorrow at 2 pm EST he is going to do a live webcast with Colorectal Experts to discuss Colon Cancer.  Dr Travis said that Colon Cancer is often detectable and curable.  So if you are 50 or older, you should call your doctor to schedule a colon cancer screening.


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