The Drs: SebaMed Review For Itchy Skin & I Dreamt Of Sausage Book


The Doctors: SebaMed Review

Janet in Colorado said her mother has always had a severe itch on her back. Scratching helps but doesn’t ever seem to make it go away. Dr. Andrew Ordon said there are many potential causes. As your skin ages, it dries out, making it more important to moisturize.

Soaps and perfumes can also act as irritants. New, unwashed clothes can also aggravate the skin. This could also be a side effect of medications or allergic reactions, or in rare cases it could be a sign of systemic illness.

The Doctors: Itchy Skin

Resist the temptation to scratch an itch, and watch for other warning signs like rash.


The Drs TV: Itchy Skin Bath Treatments

You should not scratch or rub an itch, because it will only make the situation worse. Instead, Dr. Andrew recommends a lukewarm bath with soap. But be careful because bathing too often will contribute to dry skin.

An Oatmeal or Corn Starch bath can sooth the skin, and Dr. Jim Sears recommends it for kids, especially with chicken pox. Use soothing lotions during dryer winter months. Use lotions throughout the day, as much as you feel you need to, to keep your skin moisturized.

SebaMed Moisturizer Review

Dr. Travis Stork said to pay attention for a rash or other symptoms, in case you need to determine an alternate cause or seek medical advice.


Dr. Andrew recommended products from SebaMed, including Moisturizing Body Lotion, Hand & Nail Balm, and other products for different parts of the body.

Click here to purchase SebaMed Moisturizing Body LotionClick here to purchase SebaMed Hand & Nail Balm.

The Doctors: I Dreamt of Sausage Review

Do you believe that you can will away an illness? One woman does. She is a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and the author of I Dreamt Of Sausage. Her name is Corinna Borden, and she appeared in the audience to share her story.

Corinna was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006, and she tried both alternative and conventional treatment approaches. She spent two weeks in bed, unable to motivate herself to move forward. She realized she had to control her inner voice and banish the negative attitude.

The Drs TV: Corinna Bowden: I Dreamt Of Sausage

Dr. Travis Stork explained that the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the Fight Or Flight Response, and it can suppress your immune system. Corinna said she was on a macrobiotic diet, and she actually did dream about sausage, which is where she got the title from her book.

Positive Thinking & Health

Corinna said your negative thoughts are always there, and you just have to learn to navigate around them or focus on something positive and productive. She shared her advice to other chronic sufferers.

“It is in your head, and if you can take a step back and realize that life is actually beautiful and wonderful, and it’s a gift to be here, and to remember that all the time, even when you’re freaking out,” Corinna said.

“Don’t give up,” Dr. Travis Stork said. You can click here to purchase Corinna Borden’s book, I Dreamt Of Sausage.

The Drs: Pets Periodontal Disease

What do you do if your four legged friend has red, swollen gums? Veterinarian Bernadine D. Cruz said 80% of cats and dogs age three or older have some form of Periodontal Disease. That’s inflammation of the areas around the tooth, causing discolored teeth, bad breath, drooling, pain, and body infections.

You can brush your pet’s teeth, which will take some getting used to. A toothbrush works well for dogs, but you might want to try a Q tip for your cat. Dr. Cruz said you shouldn’t have your groomer clean your pet’s teeth. Instead, take your pet to the vet annually for a checkup, including dental exam.


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