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The Doctors: Cancer Warning Signs

Every year, 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer, but advances in screening, treatment, and technology are leading to higher survival rates. Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall is chief medical officer at Pfizer, and she joined Dr. Travis Stork to talk about cancer warning signs.

Cancer Warning Signs can include Fatigue, Breast Lumps, and Trouble Swallowing, among many other symptoms. General symptoms like Fever or Weight Loss can sometimes be overloked.


“You should know the warning signs, but you should also know your body,” Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall said. “Any sign of changes or troubles, you should have it checked out by your doctor.”

The Doctors: Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Medical advances mean higher survival rates and more effective cancer treatments.

She added that some cancers may appear to be other disease, and other cancers may not show any signs at all. That’s why regular checkups are important.


Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall: Getting An Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

Advances in diagnostic testing can help catch cancer early. Genetic differences in cancer help doctors more accurately treat different types of breast cancer, for example, which may respond to different treatments. Biopsies may help your doctor determine the best course of treatment for you.

The Drs TV Show: Understanding Your Cancer Treatment Options

Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy have been used for years to treat cancer. Prescription medications are also effective in many cases. Your doctor may choose some combination of treatments as well.

Modern developments mean doctors now understand how each of these treatments work, and interact, even at a cellular level. That means doctors can customize your treatment to your personal needs, which wasn’t possible in the past.

Some drugs block the growth or spread of cancer, but patients need testing to find out if a particular drug will work for their tumor. You also want to ask your doctor about side effects.

Healthier World Website

Cancer diagnosis can be emotional and overwhelming. It also means there are many decisions that need to be made about your treatment. Your doctor is a great resource for taking the first steps in your treatment.

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall also recommended the resources on the website

The Doctors: Bana Bad Breath Test

Dr. Bill Dorfman said that Bad Breath is caused by bacteria that can cause Gum Disease and Bone Loss. The Bana Test is a quick new test to evaluate a patient’s oral bacteria. It takes bacteria from underneath the gums and analyzes it in just five minutes. Ask your dentist about checking out your oral bacteria if you are concerned about your Bad Breath.


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