The Doctors: Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer


The Doctors: Colonoscopy Results

David has agreed, thanks to his wife Terri coming to the doctors to give him a health scare experiment, to get a colonoscopy. We see the colonoscopy occur and it’s pretty gross, but it’s not as gross as you’d think. It’s also extremely important. The doctor snakes a little camera through David’s large intestine, examining the walls looking for polyps or tumors.

Terri and David get his results on the show. Oncologist Lawrence Piro is on hand to deliver them. There are no cancerous tumors and even better, there is no sign of pre-cancer pollups. He has a completely clean colon. But Dr. Piro does warn David that he needs to get some genetic testing done because there are a number of syndromes that are genetic that lead to the formation of pollups. David’s next colonoscopy will likely be in five years.



The Doctors spoke about the importance of having a colonoscopy to detect Colorectal Cancer & Colon Cancer.

Ultimately, David seems relieved and ready to take on the responsibility of more colonoscopies. As he said, “It’s easy and quick. And if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for someone you love.”

The Doctors: Colorectal Cancer

And David’s not the only one who needs to be testing for colorectal cancer. It is far too common and catching it ahead of time so necessary for survival, that everyone should get a colonoscopy. It is recommended to the general population to get one at age 50, but if you have a first degree relative who has had it, then you need to get tested earlier. In fact, you should get a colonoscopy 10 years before the age they were when they were diagnosed.


It is also particularly important for African Americans to get tested. African Americans are 38%-43% more likely to die from colon cancer than Caucasians. But across all demographics 142,672 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2009. So it is an important for people of all colors to get a colonoscopy.


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