The Doctors: Tamoxifen & Aspirin Fight Cancer


The Doctors: Margo Rey’s Breast Cancer

Margo Rey and her husband, comedian Ron White, came on The Doctors a year ago to discuss the treatment Margo was undergoing to treat her breast cancer. That treatment was a drug named tamoxifen. Today, they came back to The Doctors along with oncologist Lawrence Piro. Apparently Ron had discovered the lump, which goes to show that partners can be more  than just mates they can help with prevention. And it was a shock because she lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle.

The Doctors: Tamoxifen

Margo Rey decided to fight her breast cancer with a drug called Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a drug that prevents the spread of estrogen in breast tissue. Breast cancer cells require estrogen to grow. The lack of estrogen, though, sometimes causes side effects similar to menopause. Ron admits to fearing his wife turning into Danny DeVito. But she only experienced mild side effects and now she’s healthy and kicking again.


The Doctors Aspirin

Can aspiring keep cancer at bay?

Can Aspirin Stop Cancer From Growing?

Oncologist Lawrence Piro stayed with The Doctors to discuss a new study that begs the question: “Can aspirin keep cancer at Bay?”

The answer, as you may have suspected, is maybe. To be fair studies supporting the idea of aspirin stopping cancer are 20 years old already. What’s new about this one is that there is evidence that taking aspirin can be effective at staving off cancer after taking it for only 3-5 years. It was previously thought to take at least 10 years to be effective. The other major development in this study is that you can reduce the chances of cancer spreading by as much as 50% just by taking aspirin.


The problem is that the dosage varied too much in the study to be sure of the results and aspirin can be dangerous if not taken under doctor supervision. It can cause stomach bleeding and interact poorly with other medications and blood thinners.


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