The Doctors: Shannon Miller Ovarian Cancer & Baby Gender Reveal


The Doctors: Shannon Miller Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

You may remember gymnast Shannon Miller from her participation in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. Shannon is a seven-time Olympic medalist and a member of the gold medal-winning “Magnificent 7” team of gymnasts.

Shannon isn’t just an accomplished athlete, but also a devoted mother and wife. She met her husband, John, at a charity golf tournament, and the couple have a young son named Rocco. However, while undergoing a routine checkup to prepare for a second child, Shannon received devastating news.


In December 2010, a malignant cyst was found on Shannon’s left ovary, and she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Her husband described the ordeal as “shocking” and “horrifying.” However, after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, Shannon is now cancer-free. Now, she and John are thrilled to be expecting their second child.

Shannon Miller: Conceiving “Miracle Baby”

The Doctors: Shannon Miller Ovarian Cancer & Baby Gender Reveal

Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller shared her struggle with ovarian cancer on The Doctors and also revealed the gender of her baby in an ultrasound with Dr. Lisa.


Shannon joined Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis Stork to discuss her “miracle baby.” Before undergoing chemotherapy and surgery, Shannon froze her eggs just in case. However, she was able to conceive naturally about a year after her treatment ended.

Dr. Lisa thanked Shannon for setting a wonderful example for women with ovarian cancer. Shannon explained that she’s had a lot of wonderful women help her along her own journey. “I hope I can pay it forward just a little bit,” she said.

Shannon Miller: Baby Gender Reveal

Now, at five-and-a-half-months along, Shannon was ready to learn the gender of her child. Dr. Lisa performed an ultrasound on stage along with Shannon’s husband, John.

After a 3D ultrasound, Dr. Lisa switched to 2D and it was immediately obvious that the baby is a girl. Shannon was emotional and excited because her daughter will be the first female grandchild on her side of the family. Shannon and John’s adorable son, Rocco, also joined the family celebration on stage.


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