The Doctors: No-Touch Breast Scan & Tumor Removal Surgery


The Doctors: Medical Breakthroughs

Medical Breakthroughs were discussed on The Doctors September 4, such as an in-utero fetal surgery. There is a new medical breakthrough in breast cancer screening, and while it doesn’t replace a mammogram, it does help facilitate diagnosis.

Like many women, Lakisha is put off by the idea of mammograms. Despite the fact that she has a family history of breast cancer, Lakisha has never had a mammogram because she is too scared and thinks it will be too painful.


The Doctors: No-Touch Breast Scan

The Doctors: No-Touch Breast Scan

Cancer Breakthroughs such as the No-Touch Breast Scan were discussed on The Doctors.

While the No-Touch Breast Scan cannot replace a mammogram, it is helpful in detecting a possible issue. Dr Phillips was happy to report that Lakisha’s results came back normal.

Matt Campisi, chief technology officer of the No-Touch Breast Scan, said that he is hoping this new technology will become a part of the breast cancer screening routine. When multiple tests are performed, the probability of receiving the correct diagnosis is increased. And, as we know, early detection is what saves lives.


The Doctors: Jeff’s Mystery Diagnosis

Get ready to hear another incredible medical story in the form of 51-year-old Jeff.  A few years ago, Jeff noticed that he had developed a large bump on his left temple. Since he had no real symptoms, doctors assumed that it was a swollen muscle, and Jeff thought nothing of it. However, he began to visit specialists when the bump never went away.

Jeff had several procedures performed by specialists, such as a fine-needle aspiration, but all of his tests came back inconclusive. No one could tell him what the bump was, and the only way to get rid of it was a very invasive surgery. When Jeff researched less-invasive alternatives online, he found his doctor, Dr Larian.

After surgery was performed, Jeff received the devastating answer to his mysterious problem: it was melanoma, and he was diagnosed with stage 4C, which is the worst stage possible. The melanoma had already spread throughout his entire body, and he had tumors in his lungs, liver, and stomach. At that point, he had 7-11 months to live.

The Doctors: Melanoma Tumor Removal

However, Jeff is now alive and well, and he joined The Doctors in studio with his wife, Renee. Dr Stork called Jeff “a walking miracle.” Two-and-a-half years later, Jeff is still filled with tumors, but he is living a happy life symptom-free.

Jeff recently had a surgery that removed another tumor, and it was performed in order to improve his quality of life and to hopefully learn more about his melanoma. The tumor, which had been sitting right on top of a nerve, had turned black because of the melanoma and was removed from his face. Plus, a damaged area of his face was re-constructed using fat grafting.

Dr Babak Larian explained that Jeff’s recent tumor was removed from his parotid gland, which is the gland that gives us our facial expressions. The doctors had to find a way to remove the tumor without affecting the functioning of the face. They created an incision on the ear and found the nerves in order to lift the tumor.

While there is no explanation for Jeff’s survival, the advances of medical breakthroughs can hopefully help others like Jeff.


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