The Doctors: Is Colon Cancer Hereditary? Is Colon Cancer Treatable?


The Drs: Colon Cancer Health Scare Experiment

The Doctors spent their show discussing Health Scare Experiments, such as the Texting & Driving scenario that involved an Accident Simulation and Paralysis Story. Next, the team turned to a deadly form of cancer. Colon Cancer is easily detectable, but one woman said her husband doesn’t want to get the test.

The Doctors: Is Colon Cancer Hereditary?

Colon Cancer: The Doctors

The Doctors talked about Colon Cancer screenings, genetics & treatment prognosis for patients.


The woman called her husband David dramatic, because he has a horrible fear of needles. “Nothing good ever comes from going to the doctor, except for bad news,” David said. Bad news isn’t usually good, either.

But David’s family has an extensive Colon Cancer History, and his wife is concerned about his health. However, David is reluctant to get a Colonoscopy, even though he knows he is at risk. That’s important because there are rarely symptoms of early stage Colon Cancer.

The Drs: Colonoscopy Consultation

David loves fried foods at most meals. The couple has spent about 15 years together, supporting one another and raising a son. “My biggest fear is that David dies from this,” she said. She doesn’t want their son, Jordan, to miss out on having his father around for major life events.


The Doctors team sent David to an oncologist for a consultation. Dr Lawrence Piro talked with David about his dangerous career as a bull rider in the rodeo. Does mortality cross his mind?

Is Colon Cancer Treatable?

David said that he knows everyone will die. But Dr Piro said that Colon Cancer doesn’t have to be deadly, especially if it’s caught early. He introduced a patient named Sandy.

Sandy talked about her symptoms and case. She also didn’t want to have a Colonoscopy, but when she finally consented, doctors discovered a large tumor in her colon.

Later, the tumor metastasized to other parts of her body. Now she is undergoing Chemotherapy and experiencing symptoms such as thinning hair and nausea. Sandy urged David to go through with the procedure sooner rather than later.

Back in the studio, Dr Travis Stork reported that there are 50,000 Colon Cancer deaths annually in the US, mostly due to late diagnosis of the disease. Dr Jim Sears has a family history of Colon Cancer and has already had a polyp removed from his own Colon.

The Doctors: Dr Jim Sears Colonoscopy

Dr Sears met with David and Terry to talk about his own experiences with Colon Cancer. He recalled his father’s Colon Cancer diagnosis. “By the time you get symptoms, usually it’s too late,” he said.

The genetic factor is huge with Colon Cancer, and Dr Sears talked about how a diagnosis could affect David’s teenage son. “If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for Jordan,” Dr Sears said.

David finally agreed to go through with the procedure and find out what a Colonoscopy would reveal about his health.


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