The Doctors: Hematoma Vs. Melanoma & Acne Fighting Foods


The Doctors: Melanoma Skin Cancer

Shawndrea Thomas, a FOX reporter, joined The Doctors to bravely share her brother’s story. Sadly, Terran Thomas passed away from melanoma, a disease that could have been caught early, but wasn’t. It all began when Terran noticed a spot had formed underneath his toenail. As a healthy man, he didn’t think he needed to get it checked out by the doctor. He believed that someone had stepped on his foot and it was just a simple bruise.

The Doctors: Hematoma Vs. Melanoma & Acne Fighting Foods

The Doctors shared important information on melanoma and discussed the best and worst foods for skin.


Unfortunately, this was not the case. By the time the spot was checked out, Terran had developed stage 3 melanoma. The toe was amputated and Terran underwent chemotherapy, but the cancer eventually spread to his lungs and brain. He died at the age of 34.

The Doctors: Hematoma vs. Melanoma

This is an extremely scary story, because most of us have had a bruise underneath our nail at some time or another. Usually it’s not something to be concerned about. However, there is one key difference in hematoma vs. melanoma. In hematoma, the bruise will begin to grow out and eventually go away completely. This occurs if you hit your nail with a hammer, for example. But if there’s been no trauma to the nail and you notice a spot developing, it’s important to get to the doctor immediately.

Shawndrea wants to share her brother’s story in order to spread melanoma awareness, particularly within the African American community. As Shawndrea explained, neither she nor her brother had ever thought to use sunscreen because of their dark skin. In fact, melanoma in African Americans can often be more deadly than in Caucasians.


Every 57 minutes, a person dies from skin cancer. It’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in your body and get to the doctor if you notice anything strange.

The Doctors: Bad Foods For Skin

The Doctors then helped a viewer, Roseanna, with her annoying skin issue. Roseanna has suffered from blemishes all her life, and she believed that the foods she ate could be a contributing factor. Dr. Sandra Lee confirmed that this is true, although she did want to debunk one common myth; eating pizza won’t give you pimples, unless you rub it on your face!

There are certain foods that can make acne problems worse, including skim milk and fat-free dairy products such as cottage cheese. The fat in dairy actually helps absorb certain hormones that can give you acne. Refined sugars in white bread and pasta, as well as the iodine in shellfish, can also harm the appearance of your skin. Finally, alcohol can lead to dehydration, which causes your skin to appear tired and wrinkled.

The Drs: Acne Fighting Foods

On the flip side, here are some foods that can help improve skin. Carrots, spinach and broccoli are loaded with vitamin A, which is essential for fighting acne. Zinc, found in almonds, has also been found to fight breakouts. The vitamin C found in blueberries and the omega 3 found in salmon helps improve the look of your skin. Plus, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


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