The Doctors: Diem Brown Ovarian Cancer & The MedGift Foundation


The Doctors: Diem Brown Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

The Doctors: Diem Brown Ovarian Cancer & The MedGift Foundation

Reality star Diem Brown discussed her journey after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer on The Doctors. (s_bukley /

Reality star and personality Diem Brown is well-known for her appearances on the MTV Real World/Road Rules challenges. What you may not know is that the fit and active young woman has overcome ovarian cancer not once, but twice, and is now bravely sharing her story with the world.


Diem joined The Doctors to discuss her cancer diagnosis. She was rushed to the hospital with extreme pain in her stomach, and after emergency surgery was told that she had “extreme, aggressive cells of ovarian cancer.” Understandably, Diem found the ordeal “terrifying” and watched herself transform from a healthy young woman to “a skeleton.”

Recently, after six years of remission, Diem began feeling pains in her stomach once again. A 10 inch cyst was discovered on her right ovary, and she was shocked to learn that her cancer had once again returned.

However, Diem handled her second diagnosis with poise, grace and a positive outlook. “If I’m going to beat this again, I need to be the champion rather than the victim,” she told herself. Bravely, Diem even chose to share her hair loss with the world. To help provide support for young women in similar situations, Diem participated in a photo shoot for People Magazine while bald.


At the time of filming, Diem was optimistic about her prognosis, but still in treatment. Fortunately, The Doctors were happy to report that she’s now in remission.

Diem Brown: Fertility After Cancer

When Diem was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, fertility became a huge concern for her, as it is for many women in similar situations. Prior to Diem’s second surgery, when her second ovary was completely removed, she took initiative to freeze her eggs. Diem said that the fertility treatments were relatively simple, and it takes just 7- 12 days to complete. Now, she has 10 of her eggs stored for future use, which gives her hope that she will one day have the family she wants.

Diem Brown: The MedGift Foundation

Finally, Diem discussed her foundation, MedGift. The idea for MedGift evolved from many of Diem’s friends getting married and sending her links to their gift registries. She had the brilliant idea of creating a gift registry for people with cancer and other diseases. From paying utility bills to providing patients with wigs, MedGift makes the burden of being sick a bit less heavy. Find out more about MedGift in the video below.


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