The Doctors: Colon Cancer Dangers & Dr Jim Sears Colon Cancer


Colon Cancer Health Scare Experiment

More than 50,000 people die of colon cancer every year. Terri is afraid that her husband, David, will become one of them. David’s family has a history of colon cancer. It doesn’t help matter matters that his diet consists mainly of fried foods. She’s urged him to get a colonoscopy, but he refuses. He’s too much of a c0wboy to do to the doctor. “Nothing good ever comes from going to the doctor, except for bad news,” as David puts it.

For this Health Scare Experiment the show sends them to meet with oncologist, Lawrence Piro, who informs them that colon cancer is very very curable if it’s caught early. The reason so many people die from it is that it’s caught too late. Dr. Piro introduces the couple to a patient of his named Sandy. Sandy is currently going through chemotherapy. She hadn’t wanted to do the colonoscopy either when a trip to the gastroenterologist forced her


Colon Cancer

Do you know the dangers of Colon Cancer? This is what colon cancer looks like.

to. They found a tumor and she got it taken out, but she was too late because her next test, a year later, showed that it spread to her liver and lungs.

Dr Jim Sears Colon Cancer Battle

Dr. Jim Sears met with Terri and David to tell them his story. He had had a pollup removed, but more importantly, 12 years earlier his father was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had symptoms and by the time there’s symptoms, it’s usually too late. They got the tumor out, but then the rest of his family had to realize that they were now at extreme risk because it’s such a genetic condition.


Dr. Sears offered to go with David to the colonoscopy after explaining to him just how dire the situation is, the David could end up leaving his young child behind without a father. Finally, David agreed to get the test.


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