The Doctors: Cancer Patient’s Wish To Be On ‘Nerdy Nummies’


The Drs: Cancer Patient’s Wish Come True

The Doctors: Cancer Patient's Wish To Be On 'Nerdy Nummies'

The Doctors were able to help make one cancer patient’s wish come to true, as she appeared on the “Nerdy Nummies” cooking show. ([email protected] / flickr)

The Doctors shared the story of a little girl with stage four neuroblastoma. The little girl has gone through five rounds of chemotherapy and had a stem cell transplant. She also recently underwent a PET scan and shared that there was no evident disease. When she was feeling better, the family visited the Make A Wish Castle in New Jersey, where she shared her wish to be on an episode of Nerdy Nummies.


The little girl’s name is Angelina and The Doctors were there as her wish became a reality. Rosanna Pansino is the chef in the videos and she was excited to meet Angelina and bake with her. Angelina and Rosanna made Star Wars cookies.

The Drs: What Is Neuroblastoma?

The Doctors then explained that neuroblastoma is rare disease that occurs when a solid tumor is formed from from nerve cells called neuroblasts. It almost always affects kids and infants, and about 650 kids a year will develop it. Warning signs are variable, and can be anything from swelling in the abdomen to problems urinating. In this case, Angelina had difficulty walking.

It takes detective work and parents’ intuition to figure out if something isn’t quite right with your child, because no one knows them better than you do. Has your child or a child you know ever suffered from a serious illness? If so, how did you discover something was wrong?



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