Drs: Janice Dickinson DCIS & Lumpectomy + Implants Increase Risk?

The Doctors: Janice Dickinson Battling Breast Cancer

In a Doctors exclusive, author and model Janice Dickinson revealed her breast cancer diagnosis. Janice is thankful for her support system, but admitted she’s been feeling fear for the first time in a very long time. She decided to undergo a lumpectomy, and had The Doctors’ cameras follow along. The lump Janice’s breast is about the size of a grape and she has faith in God and her doctors to save her life. Janice prayed the entire way to the hospital, as her fiance was there to support her. When she arrived at the hospital, The Doctors politely gave Janice her privacy “as the severity of the situation began to sink in on those closest to her.”

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