Drs: Janice Dickinson DCIS & Lumpectomy + Implants Increase Risk?

The Doctors: Janice Dickinson Battling Breast Cancer

In a Doctors exclusive, author and model Janice Dickinson revealed her breast cancer diagnosis. Janice is thankful for her support system, but admitted she’s been feeling fear for the first time in a very long time. She decided to undergo a lumpectomy, and had The Doctors’ cameras follow along. The lump Janice’s breast is about the size of a grape and she has faith in God and her doctors to save her life. Janice prayed the entire way to the hospital, as her fiance was there to support her. When she arrived at the hospital, The Doctors politely gave Janice her privacy “as the severity of the situation began to sink in on those closest to her.”


Almost exactly 12 hours later, Janice was driven to the hotel after her surgery to get some rest. Her fiance told her she actually had the entire nursing staff laughing as she was coming out of anesthesia, and Janice joked that when they brought her a bed pan, she thought she was getting a facial. She then turned to her fiance and told him to never second guess her love for him, because she was so lucky to have him. Janice acknowledged that the entire process has brought her closer to her children as well.

Drs: Janice Dickinson DCIS & Lumpectomy + Implants Increase Risk?

Janice Dickinson underwent a lumpectomy and discussed the specific kind of breast cancer she was diagnosed with. (lloydklein / Flickr)

Once at the hospital, Janice explained that the memories of her mother, who passed away from cancer, had been flooding her mind, but the entire journey has given her a new lease on life.


The Doctors: Do Breast Implants Increase Cancer Risk?

Janice then joined the show and first expressed the importance of performing regular self exams, joking that you can even have a friend check for lumps as well. Dr Kristi Funk then joined the conversation, explaining that any diagnosis that contains the word cancer immediately causes fear, making your mind jump to worst case scenarios. The good news, is that Janice was diagnosed with DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, which is the earliest stage of breast cancer.

DCIS is still cancer, but the cells are stuck inside an intact milk duct, which means they have no access to the lymphatics or blood stream, so the cells can’t travel and “land in a life-threatening place.” Janice wondered if her breast implants had anything to do with her cancer, and Dr Funk told her to “take that guilt right out of your head.” Dr Funk explained that having implants, silicone or saline, has no effect on creating or growing breast cancer.

The Doctors: What Is DCIS?

Dr Funk also explained that DCIS, the stage zero inside the milk duct can eventually grow so big that it bursts or invades the duct wall. That’s when the cancer then has the potential to travel into lymph nodes and beyond. When DCIS is diagnosed by itself, the question is whether there is more left inside the breast, which is why a lumpectomy is needed. Dr Funk reported that 66% of DCIS is actually over-treated, because it’s hard to tell if it will get worse.


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