The Drs: Janice Dickinson Breast Cancer + Potty Training Tricks

The Doctors: Janice Dickinson Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer will be diagnosed in more than 230,000 women in 2016. Janice Dickinson is known as America’s first supermodel, but now she’s opening up about a world she never imagined she would be a part of. Janice has been in front of the cameras for years and is no stranger to speaking her mind. Upon learning she had breast cancer, she knew she had to share the news with anyone who would listen. She explained that for the last few months, she hadn’t been feeling like herself. She underwent a breast exam and her internist felt a lump. After comprehensive tests from four different specialists, despite undergoing regular mammograms, she was finally told she had cancer near the end of March of 2016.

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