Drs: Hollywood Facialist Wrongfully Accused + Health Crisis


The Doctors: Celebrity Facialist Accused Of Murder

The Doctors introduced a woman named Dawn DaLuise, who was known as the “facialist to the stars.” Her roster of celebrity clients included even the hottest A-list celebrities, until an odd murder-for-fire plot completely turned her world upside down. She worked as a facialist for 19 years and was very successful. All of the sudden, a neighboring business owner took residency two doors down from her. Around that same time, a man became a new client and began stalking her. She suspected it was the neighboring business owner because he had been targeting clients of her’s in the past, offering discounted services.


Dawn’s tires were slashed numerous times and she started receiving threats via text message. She then found a Craigslist ad the man created, using pictures of her and saying she had a specific fantasy and invited him to come by her apartment. All of the sudden one night she woke up to a SWAT team banging on her door, with their guns drawn, there to arrest her. Leading the team was a detective who asked her if she knew why they were there and she said no. He gave her the name of an alleged hit man that he had been led to believe she was about to hire. “I had no intention whatsoever to kill another human being,” she said.

Drs: Hollywood Facialist Wrongfully Accused + Health Crisis

The Doctors spoke with a celebrity facialist who was acquitted of a being involved in a murder-for-hire plot, but her jail time led to a serious health crisis. (abardwell / Flickr)


The Doctors: Jail Time Led To Health Crisis

Dawn was put in jail for ten and a half months, in a 16 x 9 foot cell where she spent 23 hours a day. She started to get diarrhea and lost 20 pounds in just over two weeks. She was in excruciating pain and started to have rectal bleeding. She was told she could have Motrin and would be put on a long list to see the doctor. She had to talk to people outside the jail before they finally agreed to take her to the hospital. They told her she needed a colonoscopy but because she was on such a long list, she was told she was better off waiting to see what happened with her case, and that’s what she did.

The Doctors: Cancer Discovered After Jail Time

On January 22 she was found not-guilty, and immediately upon her release she sought out Medi-Cal since she didn’t have insurance. Once that was provided, she was told she had colo-rectal cancer. She’s receiving 28 days of chemotherapy and radiation and then after a brief recovery period, she will undergo surgery to have a portion of her colon removed. She was told that had she come in a year ago, she wouldn’t need to go through anything she was going through.

The Doctors: Health Care Issues In Jail System

Dr Rachel Ross explained that Dawn was in jail, which is where they hold you until you’re sentenced. Dr Ross said jail systems don’t have a system in place for chronic care or chronic illness. A lot of complaints come out of jail, rather than prison where they tend to have a better working system. Dr Ross said she has a lot of patients who have said it’s hard to see a doctor while in jail.

Dawn said she’s trying to get back on track because she loves her job. A plastic surgeon has allowed her to use his facilities twice a week for her services while she rebuilds. Her clients embraced her when she returned, so she’s hoping to get back to where she was.


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