Drs: Getting Checked For Skin Cancer + Bubble Nails Trend


The Doctors: Dr Travis Stork Skin Cancer Check

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, which means it’s never too late to get checked out by your doctor. Dr Travis Stork was overdue for a skin cancer check, and because skin cancer runs in his family, he wanted to go in and see Dr Sonia Batra to get checked. He admitted that he’s put himself at risk because he biked across the country and rode pretty much the whole way without a shirt on.


Dr Travis was checked everywhere, including his lips, feet, and hands. Dr Travis said going to see Dr Batra helped him to feel better, and thanked Dr Batra. Dr Batra said there were a couple moles that she took pictures of and documented, but because Dr Travis knew what to look for, everything was perfectly fine and she didn’t need to do any biopsies. Dr Jennifer Ashton said skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, so people of all skin colors need to be checked. It’s also important to look absolutely everywhere during the check because you don’t want to miss anything.

Drs: Getting Checked For Skin Cancer + Bubble Nails Trend

Dr Travis Stork went in for a skin cancer check to see if any of his moles looked suspicious. (cedwardmoran / Flickr)


The Doctors: Balloons To Help You Lose Weight?

Could balloons actually help you lose weight? According to the FDA, they can, thanks to a procedure called the Reshape Integrated Dual Balloon System. It’s meant for obese patients who have hit obstacles with their weight. Reshape’s outpatient procedure involves inserting two balloons into the stomach temporarily, and then filling the balloons with saline.

The Doctors: New Technique For Fighting Obesity

The Doctors explained that this procedure is more minimally invasive than some of the other options out there, but typical bariatric surgery works with reabsorption techniques to limit the amount of calories taken in, or restricting the amount of food that someone can consume. This technique mechanically fills up the balloon. The problem with the balloon procedure is that it does nothing for the neurochemical signals that are the real problem in those who are obese. They’ll never really get the brain signals that tells them they’re full.

You can supposedly leave the balloons in for six months but what if the balloons cause an obstruction or leak? Dr Rachael Ross said she felt like she would have heartburn every time she ate. Not to mention, the women who tried it lost an average of 14 pounds which is minimal when you’re obese.

The Doctors: Are Bubble Nails Safe?

The Doctors then discussed the latest beauty trend called bubble nails. Dr Rachal Ross explained that bubble nails are when a “glob” of acrylic is place on the center of your nail to create a bubble shape instead of the flat shape. Dr Ashton said it looked like an actual medical problem. Dr Sonia Batra said she wouldn’t recommend the trend because the acrylic and glue can cause an allergic reaction or even create a “safe haven” for bacteria, fungus, and infection. You could even tear your real nail off.


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