Drs: Dancing With The Stars Witney Carson Melanoma Scare


The Doctors: DWTS Witney Carson Health Scare

The Doctors introduced Witney Carson from Dancing with the Stars, and Witney explained that she’s been dancing since she was three years old. She did So You Think You Can Dance right after high school and made top six, launching her career. She got a call from Dancing with the Stars, to be a professional dancer on the show, but right after she got the call, she got some pretty terrifying news. She noticed a mole on her left foot and had it checked, later finding out it was positive for melanoma.


The surgery took four hours and they had to take an inch of skin from around the mole, before stretching the skin over and taking out three lymph nodes from her hip as well. She had to take off from dancing for six weeks, but didn’t tell anyone about it. When she started dancing again, she noticed there was blood all over her foot. The scar had ripped open, showing that she had pushed herself too far too soon. She’s now incredibly self-conscious if the scar but is so grateful to be where she is now.

Drs: Dancing With The Stars Witney Carson Melanoma Scare

The Doctors spoke with Witney Carson from “Dancing with the Stars” about her melanoma scare and the horrifying incident that happened after her diagnosis. (dist0rtedwave / Flickr)


The Doctors: Witney Carson Melanoma Scare

The Doctors then welcomed Witney Carson to the show. Witney said it was almost impossible for her to take the time to recover because she just so badly wanted to dance. Witney admitted to going to the tanning bed three times a week, wanting to look good for dancing. Her mom and dad also both had skin cancer, and skin cancer is hereditary, so she was certainly at risk.

As lucky as she is to be melanoma-free, she still has a hard time with her scar. Dr Stephen Greenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon, shared that new techniques can be used to help Witney get rid of her scar. The best part is that he had the technology right there with him, so he could do it for Witney right there on stage.

The Doctors: Experimental Scar Treatment

Dr Greenberg explained that he was going to be using intense pulse light to get rid of the red spots and help with pigment, as well as laser to smooth out the scar, and micro-needling to rejuvenate the foot. The results aren’t immediate, but within a few weeks she’ll be able to notice a huge difference. Typically, the treatment is done five times for optimum results. A lot of scar home remedies and massage can help with the appearance of scars, but if those don’t want, talk to a board certified plastic surgeon. Also be sure to always use sunscreen!

Witney said don’t think you’re invincible, tanning beds are bad news! Witney is just 21-years-old and got melanome because of her overuse.

The Doctors: Natural Ways To Fight Chronic Pain

The Doctors reported some surprising non-medication ways to reduce your chronic pain. First, eat more cherries to block inflammation. Second, think of something a little sexy, because it takes your focus away from your acute pain. Third, try drumming to release feel-good endorphins to fight pain. Feel the beat! Beat was the word of the day and you can use the word beat to enter fo ra chance to win a drumming workout kit from Pound.

The Doctors: Different Company Offering Less Expensive HIV Drug

The Doctors shared their News in 2:00, reporting that Martin Shkreli was just boasting about his company a little while ago, for it being the lone provider of a drug used to treat HIV infections and some cancers. He outraged patients and doctors when he decided to charge $750 a pill for the medication. Now, a San Diego pharmaceutical company is offering a substitute medication for just $1 a pill. The new compounded version hasn’t gone through the FDA-approval process but can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. Last week, Hillary Clinton asked the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission to look into Shkreli’s company’s pricing of the drug.

Clinton tweeted “Patients who rely on prescription drugs should not have their health and lives put at risk because of price gouging.”

The Doctors: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a 19th century explorer traveling through unchartered American territory in The Revenant. The survival story involves DiCaprio’s character being brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead, having been abandoned by his own hunting team. Production for the movie seemed to be brutal as well, with DiCaprio reportedly having to “do some of the most difficult things he’s ever done in his career.” He had to eat raw bison liver, curl inside an animal carcass, and jump in and out of frozen rivers.

The Doctors: Easy Omelet

The Doctors: Omelets can make for a great breakfast, but to make omelets easier to make, simply use a boilable, sealable bag, and throw in all your omelet ingredients before mixing it up and boiling it inside a pot of water. Just 10 minutes later you have an omelet!


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