Drs: Coffee Enema Cancer Treatment? + Paralyzed Man Walks

The Doctors: Noisy Neighbors

The Doctors shared a video that could just serve as the answer for all those times you’ve wondered what in the world your noisy neighbor was doing in the middle of the night. It was a viral video showing upstairs neighbors creating all kinds of diferent noises for their downstairs neighbor, creating noises using everything bowling balls to roller skates. Dr Jennifer Berman said it’s traumatizing because she had an angry pregnant woman above her who would roll around on a chair. It was time for her to let go of her resentment!


The Doctors: Coffee Enemas To Treat Cancer?

Drs: Coffee Enema Cancer Treatment? + Paralyzed Man Walks

The Doctors talked about the controversial treatment some are using to combat cancer. Are coffee enemas really safe? (andredea / Flickr)

Next, The Doctors talked about a star of The Real Housewives of Orange County who is using a different approach for his cancer treatment. He’s using coffee enemas which can supposedly rid your liver of toxins. The Doctors explained that coffee enemas actually date back to the 1930’s to help with all kinds of health issues, because coffee has antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Dr Jennifer Ashton said she’s a fan of integrative medicine, but the most important thing is not causing harm, and this concept makes her nervous. She said the risks are too high.


Dr Ashton explained that your body naturally detoxifies itself, and enemas only clean out the lower part of your rectum, not your entire colon. Dr Travis Stork said it could create a positive environment and the placebo effect is “legit.” Dr Ashton said she would stick to drinking her coffee and Dr Travis said he certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

So would you try a coffee enema if your doctor suggested it?

The Doctors: Paralyzed Man Walks Again

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a man who made headlines after a car accident paralyzed him from the waist down. He’s making headlines again, and welcomed him to the show. Adam explained that seven years ago, he was in a motorcycle accident and spent six weeks in the hospital where he was told he would never walk again. What’s remarkable is that a video caught Adam actually taking steps. A team of researchers at the University of California Irvine are to thank for that miracle.

Adam explained that the entire process happened in three phases, with the first phase involving him sitting in from of a computer screen with a special cap on his head, trying to get a video game character to walk with his thoughts. Then, that cap was connected to muscles in his legs, and Adam would use his brain waves to literally walk again. Adam said it’s important to remove all distractions and focus on each step. He said he was overjoyed that he took the steps, but he had to focus so hard on each step that he wasn’t able to actually celebrate it, until the end. He said it was two researchers and two graduate students who wanted this to work just as bad as he did.


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