Drs: Cats Helping Cure Cancer + Eating While Driving Dangers


The Drs: Cure For Cancer From Cats?

The Doctors began by sharing that a cute kitten can lift your spirits, but can it hold the cure for cancer? Scientists found a parasite in cat feces and engineered a new version that reportedly has cancer-fighting capabilities. The mutated parasite stimulates an immune response that is key in fighting cancers like melanoma and ovarian cancer. More research is needed, but it looks promising!

Drs: Cats Helping Cure Cancer + Eating While Driving Dangers

The Doctors explored how cats are helping find a cure for cancer. (cornelii / flickr)


The Doctors explained that the research is coming out of Dartmouth College, and they’re fans of the work! Cancer is your cells growing uncontrollably, and over time the cells replicate to the point that your body can’t fight it. CPS is the name of the parasite, and it works by basically putting your immune system into overdrive to fight off those cancer cells.

The Drs: Engineered Parasite From Cat Feces

Dr Jennifer Berman said she liked that it didn’t require injuring cats in any way, because they just need their feces. Usually the parasite is harmful to people, but they engineered it to be helpful. Dr Drew Ordon said you have to remember that the parasite is not replicating or duplicating inside your body. Dr Travis Stork said it’s another example of why the future is so bright in regards to finding cancer cures.

The Drs: Eating While Driving Danger

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the Georgia man who was recently cited for driving while eating. They did their own test to find out how dangerous eating while you drive really is. A woman named Amber shared that she liked to eat while driving, which not only poses a risk to herself, but to others as well. She hopped behind a simulator to find out just how dangerous it can really be. She crashed twice while driving the simulator and admitted that she felt ashamed.


Amber was given a failing grade because not only did she get into two accidents but she was running into pedestrians, constantly swerving, and even side-swiped a few cars. Dr Rachael Ross reported that there are over 400,000 accidents a year because of distracted driving.

The Drs: Distracted Driving Warning

Monique Cobb, a distracted driving specialist, explained that it takes more concentration to eat while driving than it does to text while driving. Studies also show that 80% of accidents are caused by someone eating while driving, which is an alarming number. Dr Ross joked that it’s also not cute for a girl to be shoveling food in her mouth while she drives. The Doctors agreed that it should be illegal to eat while driving.

Are you guilty of eating while driving? Do you plan on stopping now?


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