Drs: Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia, Cancer Concerns For Reality Star

The Doctors: Little Women L.A. Star Health Concerns

The hairstylist on Little Women L.A. has been secretly suffering from a condition taking an emotional toll on her health. Jasmine turned to The Doctors to share her story. Jasmine grew up with a specific type of dwarfism that affected her hair, which meant she was not only made fun of for her stature, but for balding as well. She acknowledged that even though the hair she has isn’t growing out of her scalp, it’s still her hair hair and it makes her feel beautiful. It hurts her deeply to be called fake, knowing how hard she’s had to work on herself.


Cartilage-hair hypoplasia has certainly taken its toll on Jasmine’s emotions. It causes fine, thin hair, that led people to call her “baldy” or even ask her mom if she was sick. She constantly had to face bullying and cruelty whenever she stepped out the door. The real reason she joined the show, was to explain that with her type of dwarfism, she has a compromised immune system. She’s more at risk for leukemia or lymphoma, because her white blood count is lower.

Drs: Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia, Cancer Concerns For Reality Star

Jasmine, star of Little Women L.A. turned to The Doctors in hopes of better understanding the condition that has taken its toll on her physical and emotional health. (heyjohngreen / Flickr)


The Doctors: Leukemia & Lymphoma Risk

Jasmine is a wife and mom in her 30’s and wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help her immunity or prevent cancer at all. Her sister had leukemia as well, so she wondered if that meant she had an even higher chance of getting it. To help get Jasmine some answers, The Doctors welcomed board-certified oncologist and President and CEO of the Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, Dr Lawrence Piro.

The Doctors: Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia

Jasmine shared that she had a lot of ear infections and respiratory infections. Anytime she gets a cold, she needs breathing treatments, an inhaler, and a lot of rest. Dr Piro explained that infections and the development of cancer are the two things that limit one’s lifespan and cause a lot of problems with Jasmine’s specific disorder. Jasmine has already demonstrated by getting to her age, that her immune system functions pretty well. He explained that most of the deaths that occur because of low immunity and infections, tend to occur early in life.

The leukemia and lymphoma risk comes from the impaired immune system and it’s only about 9% that get leukemia or lymphoma. Dr Piro explained that both disease are treatable, but Jasmine needed to still be vigilant. He suggested she keep an out for swollen glands or large lumps or masses, as well as weight loss or extreme fatigue. He also suggested regular doctor visits with preventative scans, to ensure that she lives for many years to come.


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