Drs: Cancer Survivor Credits Show For Diagnosis + Cinnamon Coffee


The Doctors: Oral Cancer Caught After Episode Of Show

Throughout nine seasons of The Doctors, hundreds of health topics have been covered to keep viewers more informed. For one woman in particular, an episode of the show changed her life. Shannon was at the dentist getting her teeth cleaned when the dentist noticed something on the bottom of her tongue. It was an episode of The Doctors about oral cancer that prompted her to ask the dentist about it. She was advised to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor, who wanted to do a biopsy. She later found out she had malignant squamous cell carcinoma. Shannon had stage four cancer in her lymph nodes. The cancer center put her chance of living at about 20% which would have been even worse if she had waited any longer.


She went through a 12-hour surgery with the help of four doctors to take out 3/4 of her tongue and rebuild part of it with what was taken from her arm. She had several surgeries after that and then went through 53 radiation treatments, always receiving bad news from her doctors. She lost 137 pounds and was told there was a chance she may not even be able to talk again. She continued to encourage her husband and convince him that they were going to get through it all.

Drs: Cancer Survivor Credits Show For Diagnosis + Cinnamon Coffee

A woman thanked The Doctors for helping her discover cancer in her mouth, before it was too late. (kyrre_gjerstad / Flickr)

Shannon, her husband, and her daughter joined the show. Shannon is now cancer-free which means their lives can now go back to being much more normal. Shannon continued to stress the importance of staying on top of your health and always having an open discussion with your doctors. Super Jeweler gave Shannon a 14k white gold 3k diamond tennis bracelet to commemorate being cancer free. The Doctors also surprised the entire family with a trip to Honua Kai Resort and Spa in Hawaii!


The Doctors: Seemingly Healthy Food Traps

Switching gears, The Doctors revealed that 75% of Americans say they eat healthy. But because obesity numbers keep rising, they wanted to reveal what foods could be tricking you into eating healthy when you’re actually not. When it comes to a bagel versus an energy bar, the energy bar may seem like the healthier choice, when in reality they could be equally bad for you. Instead, reach for Greek yogurt. In terms of sugar, a smoothie sounds like the right choice, but one smoothie could have 60 grams of sugar which is the equivalent of six glazed donuts!

Vitamin-enhanced water could actually contain more than 30 grams of sugar, which is actually more than an energy drink! All the more reason to be more aware of what you’re really putting in your boy!

The Doctors: Cinnamon To Sweeten Coffee & Save Calories

If you prefer drinking sweet coffee drinks but want to cut down on the amount of cream and sugar you typically add to your drink, reach for cinnamon instead! Swapping cinnamon for cream and sugar can save you up to 70 calories. It’s certainly not as sweet and is different for sure, but it’s tasty! What I like to do is add cinnamon to the actual coffee grinds before they’re brewed, then I can add a little less creamer than I normally would!

The word of the day was lean and you can use the word lean on The Doctors website to enter for a chance to win the Ninja Coffee Bar System.



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