Drs: Camille Grammer Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis + Awareness


The Drs: Camille Grammer Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis

Reality TV star Camille Grammer shared on The Doctors that cancer runs in her family, and her grandmother was diagnosed when her mom was in her early 20s. Her mom was then diagnosed at the age of 47 with stage three ovarian cancer. She was vigilant with visits to the doctor, checkups, and ultrasounds. It was suggested to her that she undergo genetic testing, to which she agreed. She tested positive for the same genetic mutation that her mom has, called Lynch Syndrome. Her doctor suggested that she get a hysterectomy, but at 34 years old she didn’t want to go into medical menopause. Now, she says if she could do it all over again, she would have gotten the hysterectomy.


Drs: Camille Grammer Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis + Awareness

The Doctors sat down with Camille Grammer about her battle with endometrial cancer and why she’s raising awareness. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

She was having an ultrasound when the tech saw something. She got a CAT scan and was then diagnosed with stage two Endometrial Cancer. When she first told her kids she had cancer, they asked her if she was going to live and she told them she was. She suggested a radical hysterectomy because it’s an aggressive type of cancer. She was so nauseous that she would end up in the E.R. getting a potassium and magnesium drip, which was hard on her kidneys. She was also getting radiation at least once a day, but told herself if her mom could survive cancer, so could she.

About a year ago she was told that she was cancer-free, so now she really wants to help those who have gone through the same thing.


The Drs: Camille Grammer Raising Awareness About Cancer

The Doctors welcomed the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer, to join them on the show. Camille calls her support group “Camille’s Crusaders” and they wear shirts that say “all good under my skirt, cancer-free zone.” Camille said there is so much awareness for breast cancer but wondered about the awareness for below the belt cancers for females. An organization called The Foundation for Women’s Cancer reached out to her and asked her to run their 5K and be their spokesperson, so she did.

Dr Jennifer Ashton said as a society we are very uncomfortable talking about anything below the waist. She also said the endometrial cancer is the leading type of GYN cancer that affects women, so people need to be aware of it. She said it’s not just post-menopausal or older women that can be affected. Camille said her message is to get the genetic testing, and especially consider getting a hysterectomy if your doctor suggests it to prevent having to undergo chemo and radiation.

The Drs: Was Kelsey Grammer Supportive Of Camille During Cancer Battle?

Camille also said that it’s good to be on top of it because the symptoms of endometrial cancer don’t present themselves until later stages. Dr Rachael Ross asked if her ex-husband was supportive during the whole process and Camille said no. She said Kelsey Grammer had never once reached out to her or their children. The good news is that her friends have been amazing. She said they put the drama of the show aside and they’re there for each other.

Camille said she got the genetic testing because she wanted to know. She was monitored and was going in for endometrial biopsies twice a year, which “are not fun.” Dr Travis Stork said you shouldn’t get a test until you know what you’re going to do with the results and clearly Camille had a plan. Camille has highlighted why staying on top of your healthy is so important.


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