Drs: Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs + Cheerios Recall


The Doctors: Advancements In Treating Breast Cancer

The Doctors reported that about one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, but there is now more hope than ever. They welcomed Dr Amy Bremner to talk about breast cancer breakthroughs, beginning with a certain type of therapy where radiation therapy is delivered at the time of surgery, rather than a 6-8 week course after surgery is finished. It’s not for everyone, and is particularly for those with small tumors or low-grade cancer.


Dr Amy explained that she takes the tumor out and places the “balloon” in. Then a small source that is used to deliver the radiotherapy is inserted in the balloon, which is in the cavity of the lumpectomy.

Drs: Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs + Cheerios Recall

The Doctors discussed revolutionary breast cancer treatment breakthroughs and how they’re bettering the process for patients. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Another option, involves garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. A study was done by Observation Association, found that women who added just two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil to their diet, lowered their risk of breast cancer over a span of five years. So pull out that bruschetta and enjoy!


The Doctors: Better Treatment For Calluses

Everyone likes to save money, so when you’re getting your pedicure, you’re much better off saving your cash on removing calluses. If you remove them they just grow back faster and thicker. Rub vaseline on your feet and sleep in socks and you’ll be much more comfortable in shoes! Shoes was the word of the day and you can use the word shoes to enter for a chance to win a pair of limited edition Catalina shoes by SAS.

The Doctors: General Mills Cheerios Recall

For their News in 2:00 segment, The Doctors reported that General Mills has issued an apology to the gluten-free community and is recalled nearly 2 million boxes of Cheerios and honey-nut Cheerios. The voluntary recall is because of wheat contamination in cereals that are sold as gluten-free. Wheat can cause a severe reaction in those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. General Mills is going to begin new protocol to prevent future contaminations.

The Doctors: Interview With Billy Cosby Accusers

The mess surrounding Billy Cosby and accusations against him continues to grow. On an NBC Dateline special, 27 of Bill’s accusers will sit down for an interview about their memories of alleged assault. Some celebrities are speaking out against the justice Billy Cosby has yet to face, saying that more should have been done, and it’s unfortunate for his victims.

The Doctors: Caitlyn Jenner, Woman Of The Year?

It’s been six months since Bruce Jenner transitioned and re-entered the world as Caitlyn. Now, News in 2:00 learned that Caitlyn may be soon named Woman of the Year, after Glamour magazine allegedly conducted a secret photo shoot with Jenner for the celebratory issues.

The Doctors: Wiggle Some More!

Studies have shown that sitting for a long period of time can affect your health. If you can’t help it, just try wiggling or fidgeting. Just that may offer enough of a break to make a big enough difference to avoid an early death. Every little bit of movement makes a difference so get moving!


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