Dr Rachael Ross BRCA Results & How To Perform A Self Breast Exam


Dr Rachael Ross BRCA Test Results

Dr. Kristi Funk gave Dr. Rachael Ross the news she’d be waiting for: her BRCA test results came back negative. That’s incredible news for Dr. Rachael, but still, anyone with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer should be extremely vigilant about testing and surveillance.

The Doctors: How to Perform a Self Breast Exam

Dr Kristi Funk demonstrated how to perform a self breast exam and Dr Rachael Ross received her BRCA test results.

Dr Kristi Funk demonstrated how to perform a self breast exam and Dr Rachael Ross received her BRCA test results.


Dr. Funk gave a detailed run-down of how to perform a self breast exam. Perform your exam once a month, about a week after your period, while standing in the shower or lying in bed. Most women don’t realize that their breast tissue extends up to the collar bone and out to both sides. Follow these tips for a thorough examination every month.

  • First, disrobe from the waist up and look carefully at your breasts. Ask yourself, are they the same size, shape, and contour as always? Look for redness, thickening skin, or nipple inversions. The most important thing to look for is any type of new change in the breasts.
  • Extend your arms straight up and look for skin dimpling or bulges. Also put your hands on your hips and flex in.
  • Use the opposite hand to the breast you’re examining. The other hand should be extended up past your head, in order to expand the breast tissue.
  • Use your first three fingers and make circles, go sideways, or up and down, using three different pressures: light, medium, and deep. Don’t forget to extend up into the arm pit.
  • Finish with a gentle squeeze of the nipple, looking for a bloody or clear discharge.

The Doctors News in 2:00

The Doctors concluded with their News in 2:00 segment. Here are the latest health headlines.


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