The Doctors: Power From Urine? + 11-Year-Old’s Chemo Backpack Invention


The Doctors: Could Urine Power Your Cellphone

Dr. Travis Stork said that lately we’ve been going green, but should we actually be going yellow? Scientists in the U.K. have generated electric power from urine and shared that they’re actually now at the stage that they can power a mobile phone. Dr. Jim Sears explained that they’re using a microbial fuel cell which is a little cell filled with microbes and they add urine to that, and the bacteria break down the microbes as food, and one of the byproducts is electricity. That electricity could then be used to power your cellphone.

As Dr. Stork said, we need new renewable sources and there’s certainly a lot of urine out there! Approximately 6.4 trillion liters of urine a year! “Imagine if you could harness that energy,” Dr. Stork said.


The Drs TV: 8-Year-Old Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

The Doctors: Power From Urine? + 11-Year-Old's Chemo Backpack Invention

The Doctors talked to the little girl who survived cancer and then came up with an invention for other pediatric cancer patients. (Africa Studio /

Dr. Travis Stork then shared that a little girl named Kiley had always been very healthy until a tickle in her throat turned into something much more serious. When Kiley was 8 years old, she woke up in the morning with a sore throat. Her mom took her to the pediatrician and they did a strep test, which came back negative. A pediatric ears, nose, and a throat specialist then looked at Kiley’s throat and said they wanted to bring in her for surgery. After surgery, the surgeon looked at them and said “it’s not good news.” They found a tumor on her uvula and Kiley’s mom remembered the doctors saying it was cancer.

The Doctors: Rhabdomyosarcoma

When they visited with the pediatric oncologist, he said that it was rhabdomyosarcoma. Kiley had to have cat scans, MRI, bone scans, chest scans, blood work, chemotherapy and radiation. Radiation was a bit scary because Kiley had to wear a plastic mask that was bolted to the table so that they could arc the beams of the radiation directly into the back of her throat. Kiley’s mom said the hardest thing was walking out and then shutting a door that was six inches thick. Dr. Stork shared that not only did Kiley survive cancer, but she’s two years in remission and she actually has an invention to save the lives of kids fighting cancer.


The Drs TV: 11-Year-Old Creates Chemo Backpack

Kiley was on the show and she explained that she invented a pediatric IV backpack for kids with cancer. So instead of going into the offices of hospitals and using the big IV poles with all the wires hanging off of them, they could wear a fun backpack instead. Dr. Rachael Ross noticed that Kiley based her idea off a Hello Kitty backpack, and said Hello Kitty heard about her story, so they sent her a bunch of stuff. Kiley and her family started a fundraising page on GoFundMe to raise enough funds to make Kiley’s dream a reality.


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