The Doctors: Man Traveling With Giant Ball + Testicular Cancer Campaign


The Doctors: Man Traveling With Huge Ball

Dr. Travis Stork’s next story on The Doctors was a very interesting one, especially given that he started by explain that there is one man traveling around the world with a giant testicle.

The man’s name is Thomas, and according to The Doctors, his efforts are no laughing matter. After being diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer, he decided to raise awareness by pushing a giant 6-foot tall “flesh-like ball” over a thousand kilometers.


The Doctors: Man Traveling With Giant Ball + Testicular Cancer Campaign

The Doctors talked to a man who is traveling across the U.S. and Canada with a giant ball in order to promote testicular cancer awareness. (CLIPAREA l Custom media /

His message is pretty simple. He explains to people that he wants to “cover some ground, meet some survivors, and just get a bunch of people to sign his ball.”

He has traveled from Vancouver to Montreal and now throughout the U.S. The Doctors welcomed Thomas and his gigantic testicle to the show.


The Drs TV: Thomas Cantley Testicular Cancer Campaign

Thomas Cantley explained that his journey has been “pretty fantastic” and shared that he’s gotten over 3,500 signatures. He said each person who signed that ball shared a personal journey, whether they were survivors or had a close connection with someone who died from or is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Dr. Drew Ordon asked Thomas what the biggest obstacle he ran into was, and Thomas explained that a lot of the trouble was in the first couple of days. He said people had to catch on to what the concept was, but then once it caught on through social media, people got involved.

The Doctors: Testicular Cancer

Dr. Ashton explained that what he’s doing is so great and it’s important to know that most of the time, testicular cancer is curable and over 50% of the cases occur in young men aged 20 to 34. It’s more common in white men than men of other races.

Dr. Stork said they often talk about breast self exams, but don’t talk about testicular self exams as often. He said young men afflicted with testicular cancer are often embarrassed and don’t want to talk about it.

Thomas shared that another thing for him was thinking that he was invincible, but knows now that testicular cancer is now the most common cancer among men ages 15-35. He said when guys are that young, you don’t think about something like testicular cancer.

Before he left, The Doctors signed the ball. Dr. Stork made a point to say that all men should perform self exams and if they notice a lump or bump that shouldn’t be there, get it checked out.



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