The Doctors: Betty White Hot In Cleveland & 91st Birthday Celebration


The Doctors: Betty White 91st Birthday

The Doctors spruced up their set for their guest today, Hot In Cleveland’s Betty White. Instead of the usual chairs, the hosts added couches, chairs, a rug, an ottoman and even a coffee table. The seven-decade star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls was celebrating her 91st birthday and The Doctors sat down with her to talk about it.

The Doctors: Betty White Hot In Cleveland & 91st Birthday Celebration

Betty White came to The Doctors for an all day celebration of her 91st birthday. (Helga Esteb /


The Drs: Betty White Hot In Cleveland

Upon seeing Dr. Lisa Masterson, who wore a skirt, Betty White said, “There’s always one showing her legs,” before lifting her pant leg up to her knee and displaying her leg to the audience.

Dr. Travis Stork asked if that’s why her show is called Hot In Cleveland. Betty White said that she works with wonderful girls, but all of them have such long legs.

Betty White said that the people she’s worked with on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls were all wonderful and now she feels like she’s a part of a new family with Hot In Cleveland.


The Doctors: Betty White Staying Healthy

Dr. Masterson asked Betty White how she stays so healthy and beautiful. Betty White said at 91, it takes a lot of effort. She said the secret is doing what you love more than anything else in the world. She said if anyone ever hears her complaining, they should throw her through the window.

Betty White: Jacob the Boa Constrictor

Dr. Stork asked Betty about the man in her life, Jacob. Apparently, no one told Dr. Stork that Jacob was a boa constrictor. When Jacob the boa constrictor came out, Dr. Stork ran to the other side of the stage and Dr. Jim Sears held him in a bear hug and tried to drag him back.

Finally, Betty White was able to convince Dr. Stork to come over next to her with the boa constrictor, as long as she promised not to put Jacob over his head. Dr. Stork asked if he could sense fear and freaked out when Jacob looked at him.

Betty White said that Jacob was his friend and his other home was at the zoo, which adopted him in her honor. Betty White assured Dr. Stork that she’d had dates that were slimier than the snake.

The Doctors: Betty White Birthday Cake

Since Betty White doesn’t like cake, The Doctors made her a birthday cake made out of nothing but fruit. The hosts all wore birthday hats and they gave Betty White a hat and a feather boa. They all enjoyed the fruit together.


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