Why Does Darker Skin Wrinkle Less? How Do You Put In Hair Extensions?


The Doctors: Why Does Darker Skin Wrinkle Less?

It was all about beautiful skin on The Doctors, from Kate Somerville products to Skin Healthy Diets and even Smoker’s Lines Treatment. What’s your biggest skin question? A viewer wanted to know: Why does darker skin wrinkle less?

The Doctors: Why Does Darker Skin Wrinkle Less?

Why does darker skin wrinkle less? The Doctors explained how you can protect yourself.


Dr Andrew Ordon had the answer: “the number of melanocytes and it’s the amount of melanin pigment that’s produced in your skin,” he said. UV light is the biggest skin ager. Caucasians have less Melanin, so they absorb more UV light, leading to wrinkles, brown spots, and other complications.

The Drs: Light Vs Dark Skin

Darker skin tones don’t absorb as much, which is actually a protective skin feature. “But you still can get sunburns,” Dr Lisa Masterson said, advising everyone to take great care of their skin.

Staying out in the sun if you have a lighter pigment is not going to increase your resistance to the sun’s effects; the best you can hope for is a nice tan, Caucasians. On top of that, laying out all day is not going to make you appear more youthful.


The Doctors: Prota Ultimate Organic Protein Hair Review

There’s still another way you can rely on collagen to remake your look: put it in your hair. This isn’t a cream or a product, but the newest wave in hair extensions.

Beauty expert JR Stewart showed off Prota Ultimate Organic Protein Hair. “It’s made out of collagen protein, and you can curl it, flatiron it, blow dry it–everything that you do to your hair,” she said. “The styling possibilities are amazing on this.”

The Drs: How Do You Put In Hair Extensions?

If you are dealing with thinning hair as you age, clip in a ponytail and you’ll instantly get a fuller look. A celebrity stylist showed how you can add in clip-on hair at home in about 15 minutes. Just pull the string tight, “wrap it around and tuck.” (I always wondered how they kept those in place!)

“It’s like building a cake: you do a layer of your hair and then a layer of extensions,” JR said. These extensions come pre-cut, which simplifies the process so you can do it yourself.


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