The Drs: Why Do We Have Body Hair & Do Male Nipples Serve Any Purpose?


The Doctors: Do Male Nipples Serve a Purpose?

Have you ever wondered why males have nipples? They don’t seem to serve any purpose but The Doctors said they actually have a slight purpose you may not be aware of.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said all people start out as women when they are developing. It is not until the X chromosome comes along that a person’s gender is decided. This is why the body develops nipples on both genders.


While the breasts of a man do not serve any type of health purpose, Dr. Masterson said they can be sensitive and actually serve as a very erotic spot for many men. For Dr. Travis Stork, he said his nipples are not very sensitive, meaning they really serve no purpose to him. Dr. Andrew Ordon on the other hand said his nipples are very sensitive so they serve as an erogenous zone on his body.

Basically, male nipples are only good for arousal and not all men can be aroused in that way either.


Why Do We Have Body Hair?

People spend millions of dollars trying to get rid of the nearly five million body hairs each of us have and they might actually be wasting their money.

The Drs: Why Do We Have Body Hair & Do Male Nipples Serve Any Purpose?

The Doctors revealed that male nipples could have a slight purpose for some men and they went over the purpose of having body hair in some odd places.

Dr. Stork said humans developed hair because back during what he called “the caveman days,” our bodies did not have a highly developed sweating system like we do now to regulate our temperature. Cavemen needed to find ways to stay warm and hair helped them do that.

As we have evolved more as a species, we have started to develop less and less hair as we have developed new ways to stay warm. The Doctors even speculated that some day, humans will not have hair at all.

Reasons For Your Body Hair

As much as your hair doesn’t seem to have very many uses except keeping you warm, The Doctors said different hairs around our body all have different reasons for being there.

  • Head hair keeps harmful UV rays from the sun from hitting your skin. 
  • Nasal hair prevents debris from getting into your nasal cavity.
  • Eyebrows act as a sweatband for your eyes.
  • Eyelashes also work as a way to keep debris from getting into the eye.
  • Ear hair serves as a shield to stop debris from entering the ear canal.
  • Armpit hair can trap pheromones but Dr. Lisa Masterson pointed out it can also trap odors that make you smell bad.


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