The Drs: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review | Taking Kids to the Dentist


The Doctors: Beauty Remedies

After visits from Jewel, Billy Blanks, and Dick Van Dyke, The Doctors cavalcade of ‘90s stars rolled on. Tiffani Thiessen is back on TV in the USA drama White Collar, but you know her best from her starring role in Saved by the Bell, which she is never going to escape. For whatever reason, Tiffani didn’t come to the studio to share some of her affordable home beauty remedies. But she did share her rave Tria Hair Removal Laser review.

The Drs: Airplane Bloating Remedy

The Drs: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review with Tiffani Thiessen

Actress Tiffani Thiessen shared her Tria Hair Removal Laser review and got advice on taking her toddler to the dentist. (s_bukley /


Tiffani shared her first remedy for bloating that can happen on long plane rides. She suggested mixing warm water, lemon, and parsley, sipping it throughout the flight to feel less puffy and bloated when you land.

The Doctors: Hydration and Healthy Snacks

Tiffani keeps Alkaline Water and Almonds with her on the set of White Collar. “I always feel that if I have those healthy things around, I’m not going to be grabbing other things that aren’t so healthy,” she explained.

The Drs: Laser Hair Removal

Tiffani has given up her razors in exchange for laser hair removal. “I am completely obsessed with the Tria Laser Hair Removal,” she said, hyping up the convenience of the portable device.


Finally, she suggested making sure to take time for exercise and working out, whether it’s running, biking, or hitting the gym. Most of all, it’s important for her to make workout time fun.

The Doctors: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review

Back in the studio, Dr Travis Stork announced that the audience would receive the Tria Hair Removal Laser, which boasts that it can make you “hair-free in as little as six months.”

Dr Andrew Ordon vouched for the product, but said that you have to keep it up over time to remove all the different follicles, which grow on varying cycles.

The Drs: When To Take Toddlers To The Dentist

Tiffani also phoned in a question about her young daughter Harper, who is almost two years old. Now that her young girl is getting comfortable with the toothbrush, Tiffani wondered when the best time is to start taking your youngster to the dentist.

Dr Jim Sears said advice about kids and dentistry has changed. It’s no longer recommended to wait until preschool age. “What we want to do now is see the dentist when your child has its first tooth,” he said. That’s usually around one year old.

If your baby sleeps with a bottle, don’t put anything in it other than water. Before a baby has teeth, wipe the gums occasionally using a wet washcloth.


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