The Drs: Too Fat For Fitness? + Baby Born With Two Noses


The Doctors: Too Big To Get Fit?

Could you be too fat for fitness? Many people have complained that when they pay a visit to the gym, they’re mocked or discriminated against by fit and slim staff. That happened to a pole dancer and fitness instructor who witnessed what she calls “the dark side of fitness.” At 224 pounds, Roz took her award-winning pole-dancing act to America’s Got Talent where she was cruelly dismissed by judge Howard Stern who suggested that she was a “joke” and no one would hire her because she was “too big.”


The Doctors welcomed “the Diva” Roz to the show. Roz said it took her eight years to get where she’s at, and simply had an unwillingness to give up. The Doctors wanted some lessons themselves! Roz is clearly a strong, muscular woman who is fit. Roz said “you are never too fat, too old, too out-of-shape, or too anything else to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

The Drs: Too Fat For Fitness? + Baby Born With Two Noses

Could you actually be too fat for fitness? Some argue that it’s possible, while one woman in particular is proving those people wrong. (djrome / Flickr)

Roz said if you’re faced with fat shaming, just keep going. You also surround yourself with people who are educated about what you’re trying to accomplish because a support team is so necessary. She’s being that for her clients and students. Roz said for every one negative comment she gets about her weight, she gets about 5,000 positive ones from people all over the world saying that she inspired them. You’re never too fat for fitness!


The Doctors: 80-Year-Old Blackhead

Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee was back for more as “Dr Pimple Popper.” Dr Lee brought with her a new video of an 80-year-old woman with a black head on the side of her face. After making a small incision, Dr Lee pulled out a pretty good amount of gunk from the inside, shocking the woman. The blackhead had literally calcified and now her skin looks like it was never even there!

Dr Lee then showed a video of a man who had a burn on his hand that resulted in a water blister thta was the size of half his palm. After it was punctured, the liquid squirted out.

The Doctors: Hands-Free Hair Washing Machine

The Doctors then shared a viral video of a man who spent 16 years of his life developing a hands-free hair washing mashine that is program to wash and dry your hair. It was originally developed for his physically disabled grandmother but she passed away before it was complete. Points for creativity, but it looks more like a torture device than anything else!

The man was clearly committed! Committed was the word of the day and you can use the word committed on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win your very own GHD white styling gift set worth $250.

The Doctors: Baby Born With Two Noses

Next, The Doctors shared the video of a baby that was recently born in Peru with two tubes where his nose should’ve been. The news media calls him “the baby with two noses” and it’s a result of a very rare genetic syndrome that happens in one of every 15,000 babies, and babies born with the condition have a low survival rate, although the baby seems to be doing well right now, getting the care he needs. Dr Ashon explained that “midline” deformities occur somewhat often, where there’s a space that didn’t form.

The Doctors: Does Turkey Really Make You Tired?

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they wanted to confront concerns over turkey making you tired. There’s an amino acid found in turkey that is converted into seratonin in the body, which regulates sleep, but it doesn’t necessarily make you tired. That whole “tired after eaating Thanksgiving turkey” idea comes from eating too much food!

The Doctors: Burn Calories Black Friday Shopping

One way to burn off all that Thanksgiving food is shopping! Many retailers are starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night, and running from store to store could help you burn off that piece of pie! Go ahead and stretch before you head to the mall and pack health, protein-packed snacks to keep you energized. If you eat at the food court, make sure foods are heated properly to kill bacteria and that servers practice proper hygiene.

The Doctors: ‘Breakthrough’ On National Geographic

Breakthrough on National Geographic, explores breathroughs in brain science, longevity, and pandemics. Ron Howard will direct and narrate The Age of Aging in the upcoming episode, looking at the aging process.

The Doctors: Black Eyed Peas For Romance

For the Prescription of the Day, you can actually get your loved one in the mood with black eyed peas! They’re super high in folate as well as all kinds of other health benefits, including increasing blood flow and maybe even fertility!


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