The Drs: Temper Tantrum Club for Women & Most Requested Celebrity Nose


The Doctors: Kate Middleton Nose Job Hot Cosmetic Surgery Trend

The Drs: Temper Tantrum Club for Women & Most Requested Celebrity Nose

The Doctors looked at the different celebrity body parts that are being asked for often in cosmetic surgeries and they checked out a temper tantrum club.

I don’t know if you would call it a hot fashion trend or not but Kate Middleton’s nose has become the most-requested nose by women who are getting plastic surgery done. Middleton has beat out Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie for the top spot because, according to Dr. Andrew Ordon, she has a classic nose that fits her face. So what kind of celebrity body part would you get if you were having plastic surgery done?


Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who was filling in for Dr. Lisa Masteron today, said she would get Julie Bowen’s chin. Dr. Travis Stork said he would have to go with Mick Jagger’s lips but after he saw what he would look like with the lips photoshopped on a picture of him, he decided Mick could keep the lips.

Dr. Andrew Ordon wanted more facial hair so they photoshopped Jon Hamm’s beard over his face. He didn’t seem to like it but I thought it looked pretty good on him. Dr. Rachael Ross, who was filling in for Dr. Jim Sears, got a Beyonce makeover because Dr. Ordon wanted to see her with long hair since she is always wearing her hair in a bun when she is on the show.

You can check out what all the doctors looked like with some celebrity features in the video below.


Temper Tantrum Club For Stressed Out Women

Have you ever heard of a temper tantrum club? These are new clubs that allow women to blow off some steam by taking bats to beanbags, throwing temper tantrums and screaming as loud as they can until they feel better. The founder of Tantrum Club, Adele Theron, said women should never repress their anger but instead they should vent their anger in a healthy manner. Her clubs allow women to do that while teaching them other healthy ways to vent when they are not at the club.

So does the temper tantrum work to help women vent? Dr. Ross and Dr. Ashton thought it would work great but both of them said they would rather do it in the privacy of their homes rather than throw a tantrum in front of other people.

Dr. Stork said a less violent way to get some anger out is by putting your head in a pillow and screaming.

Really, what it comes down to is everyone, men and women, need to learn ways to deal with stress. Dr. Ordon pointing out dealing with stress in a healthy way can reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure.


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