The Drs: Snakeskin Nails Python Pedicure, Rapid Lash & Wrinkle Revenge


The Drs: Snake Skin Pedicure

Dr. Travis Stork said there is a natural way to strengthen your nails to prevent them from damage. He surprised Dr. Lisa Masterson by bringing out a snake and snake handler. The Doctors are not snake fans, but they wanted to share this exotic nail treatment.

The Doctors: Snakeskin Nails

The Drs: Python Pedicure

Would you put a snake's skin on your toes? It's a trendy new pedicure.


Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a video about how this works. Terri Silacci is the creator of the Python Pedicure, using custom cut snake skin for strengthening your nails. First, Terri applied a nail color. Then she custom cut sanitized snake skin, laid it on top of the nail cover, and topped it with gel. Then it is smoothed and sealed, with your choice of a textured or smooth finish.

The Doctors: Terri Silacci Python Pedicure

Terri appeared in the audience to share more. “Snake skin has definitely been up and coming on handbags, shoes, belts, hats,” Terri said, “and I decided to replicate that onto toenails.”

This uses shedded skin, and no snakes are harmed. Snake skins are thoroughly santized before being used, and they’re safely sealed between layers on the toes.


The Doctors: Beauty Bowl Audience Makeover

Stylists spent today’s show making over audience member Mary. Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves said “a new ‘do can give you a new you.” He started by creating some layering around her face. Ken said you can create a fresh new look for yourself without going to extremes when it’s time for your hair appointment.

Throughout the show, the stylists performed their magic on Mary. Makeup Artist Jeannie Mai also shared her expertise.

Alexandra Wagner is a brow artist and skin care specialist. “Just the shape of your brow can make you look a lot younger,” she explained. “If you lift it up a little bit, it can really change the shape of your eyes.”

Mary joined The Doctors onstage after her makeover. She had a big smile and looked at least 10 years younger than she was an hour ago.

DermaDoctor Wrinkle Revenge Review

Dr. Andrew Ordon gave members of the studio audience a selection of products called DermaDoctor Wrinkle Revenge, including eye balm, facial cream, and cleanser.

Rapid Lash Review

Dr. Ordon also gave away Rapid Lash, which he called “a vitamin rich serum for healthy lashes.” Rapid Lash works on your pores and claims to give you results after using just one tube. If you want to purchase Rapid Lash, click here.

Dr. Travis Stork said beauty is personal, but confidence is beautiful, so he recommended that everyone look in the mirror to find something beautiful about themselves.


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