The Drs: Scars From Attempted Kidnapping + Self Defense Tips


The Drs: Woman Survived Kidnapping

The Drs: Scars From Attempted Kidnapping + Self Defense Tips

The Doctors heard from a woman who escaped an attempted kidnapping but was left with both emotional and physical scars. Could self-defense help you be prepared? (mattkieffer / flickr)


The Doctors shared that 76% of kidnappings are by a family member or an acquaintance and you can even be kidnapped as an adult, like a woman named Kristen was. Kristen shared that about three and a half years ago, she was working for a landscaper who picked her up. She got into his truck and he was drinking a bottle of liquor while he was driving, even though she asked him to stop. He grabbed the back of her head, which is when she grabbed the keys and ran out of the truck.

She made a run for it and heard him running after her. She stopped against the side of a mountain and held her breath. He came about two feet in front of her but he couldn’t see or hear her. He headed back for the truck, so she tried to climb the mountain. Her foot slipped and she fell, landing on a tree. A tree limb went straight through her chin and cheek, and out under her eye. She couldn’t move because she was completely impaled.

She broke the branch at the tip furthest from her eye and pulled her face off the tree in order to get away. She now has scars as a daily reminder of what she went through. She can’t look in the mirror without being reminded of what happened to her.


The Drs: Scars From Attempted Kidnapping

The Doctors were joined by Kristen to share more of her incredible story of survival. Kristen said her survival instinct saved her, because the man she was with was erratic. Dr Drew Ordon said most of us won’t have to experience that survival instinct. He said although her scars are visible, it could have been a lot worse.

Dr Ordon explained that in Kristen’s case, she had a shattered cheekbone that they had to plate in order to fix. There’s a plate that’s bothering her and the scar has healed somewhat depressed. He said the scar on her jaw won’t heal completely flat.

The Drs: Surprise For Kidnapping Survivor

Dr Travis Stork said they know getting over the emotional turmoil can be the hardest part. There’s a plastic surgeon who is close to Kristen’s hometown who agreed to take on her case and get rid of the scars so that she can begin to heal normally.

Dr Stork said assaults and kidnapping can happen at any time, by anyone, so protecting yourself is paramount.

The Drs: Self Defense Tips

The Doctors welcomed self-defense expert Jennifer Casseta, who said you first need to fake it until you make it. She said to make sure you walk with your head held high, and make eye contact with everyone you see. If you find yourself in a scary situation, such as having someone’s hands around your neck, drop your chin to your chest to open the trachea up a bit, giving you a few more seconds to breathe.

The Drs: How To Fight Off An Attacker

Next, look for the three most effective targets, which are eyes, throat, and groin. If you have a car key, jab it into your attacker’s eyes, or just use your fingers if it’s all you have. You can also use the car keys to scrape them down the attacker’s arm to loosen his grip.

Your elbows can become weapons as well, and always remember you have your legs. Kick your attacker however you can. Jennifer said the most important thing is to not stop fighting until you can get away safely.


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