The Drs: Reduce Morning Puffiness + Chet Hanks Drug Use


The Doctors: Reduce Puffiness In The Morning

If you’ve posted a selfie with the line “I woke up like this,” this giveaway was for you. The Doctors were curious as to where the trend began, and said they didn’t have to look far because it was celebrity Beyonce who posted it when promoting “Flawless.” Dr Rachael Ross said to reduce inflammation and puffiness in the morning, you can fill a bowl with cold water and ice cube and that add a little alcohol-free witch hazel to the water before dunking your face in and out ten times to shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage. Plus, the witch hazel helps to reduce puffiness.

Pretty was the word of the day and you can use the word pretty to enter for a chance to win a seven piece Merle Normal make-up kit worth $120.

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