The Drs: Reduce Morning Puffiness + Chet Hanks Drug Use


The Doctors: Reduce Puffiness In The Morning

If you’ve posted a selfie with the line “I woke up like this,” this giveaway was for you. The Doctors were curious as to where the trend began, and said they didn’t have to look far because it was celebrity Beyonce who posted it when promoting “Flawless.” Dr Rachael Ross said to reduce inflammation and puffiness in the morning, you can fill a bowl with cold water and ice cube and that add a little alcohol-free witch hazel to the water before dunking your face in and out ten times to shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage. Plus, the witch hazel helps to reduce puffiness.

Pretty was the word of the day and you can use the word pretty to enter for a chance to win a seven piece Merle Normal make-up kit worth $120.


The Doctors: Roca Labs Legal Trouble

The Drs: Reduce Morning Puffiness + Chet Hanks Drug Use

The Doctors shared a secret trick for reducing puffiness in the morning and waking up looking beautiful! (kylemay / Flickr)

The Doctors News in 2:00 began with weight loss company Roca Labs, and their recent legal troubles. The Florida-based company is in trouble with the FTC because they’re selling a powder marketed as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery. They amassed close to $20 million promising weight loss in as little as eight months. Consumers complained about the product on social media and Roca Labs tried to keep them quiet with legal action. The FTC alleges that Roca Labs’ attempts to silence complaints was unlawful.


The Doctors: Whole Foods No Longer Supporting Colorado Prisons

The Doctors then reported that Whole Foods will stop serving products made through a prison labor program. The high-end grocery chain was using Colorado Correctional Industries to manufacture talapia, trout, and cheese. Whole Foods said they used the program as a way to help people get back on their feet and those who volunteered for the program were paid as little as 75 cents per day. Allegedly, Whole Foods cut off ties with the program because “some customers were uncomfortable with it.” The products will be off shelves within 6 months.

The Doctors: Chet Hanks Vlogging About Cocaine

The Doctors shared a video posted by Tom Hanks’ son who said he was selling and using cocaine until he couldn’t snort anymore because it was “so clogged.” He added that he even smoked crack, saying if he can change, so can you. Chet Hanks is just 25-years-old and now wants to help people struggling with addiction. He’s an aspiring rapper who has recently made headlines for all kinds of sporadic event. We can only hope Chet is now getting and staying clean.

The Doctors: Make You Shoes Look More Expensive

If you want to make your shoes look better before leaving the house, without costing yourself another penny, go ahead and remove the stickers from the bottom of your shoes. It’s an easy way to make your shoes look more expensive so don’t forget to check your shoes before you leave the house!


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