The Drs: Most Flatulent Creatures & Added Benefits of Dermaplaning


The Doctors: Why Do Farts Sound Different?

The Doctors are always getting questions about farts so today they brought on Dr. Jorge Rodriguez to answer some fart questions.

The first question was why do fart sounds come out sounding different? Dr. Rodriguez said it all depends on the force of the air coming out and the shape of the sphincter. If the sphincter is really tight, the sound will be high. If the sphincter is loose, the fart will have a very low sound.


Flatulence Fact or Fiction Game

The Drs: Most Flatulent Creatures & Added Benefits of Dermaplaning

The Doctors looked at some of the most flatulent creatures played Fart Fact or Fiction and revealed the added benefits of dermaplaning.

The Doctors played a game of fart fact or fiction to find out how much the audience knew about flatulence.

You can surgically alter the sound of your fart. – Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfield, said this is a fart fact. He said it is possible to surgically alter the anus to change the sound of flatulence but he has never performed the surgery or heard anyone ask for it. He also pointed out that the sound of your farts do not mean anything. However, the smell of your farts can give some health clues. If you have an STD you might have smelly flatulence.


Flatulence travels ten feet per second – Fact. Dr. Rodriguez said a fart can travel about 6.8 MPH or just a bit faster than a butterfly.

Humans are the most flatulent creatures – This is fart fiction according to Dr. Rosenfield. Termites are actually the most flatulent creatures. He said they excrete methane when they fart and it is believed they release so much into the air that it could be a factor in global warming.

Top Nine Most Flatulent Creatures

  • Termites
  • Camels
  • Zebras
  • Sheep
  • Cows
  • Elephants
  • Labradors
  • Vegetarian humans
  • Non-vegetarian humans

Dermaplaning Has Added Benefits Besides Removing Peach Fuzz

Sharon is just about to start menopause and she has noticed her face growing more and more peach fuzz. While she has tried to pluck the hairs, it is becoming tedious and she doesn’t want to shave because she doesn’t stubble.

The Doctors helped her out by setting her up with Kelley West, a dermaplaning professional. West explained that dermaplaning is done with a simply razor and she simply scraps off the top of the epidermis, the area that contains all the dead skin cells. Besides removing the peach fuzz, dermaplaning also exfoliates the skin.

While men do not necessarily need to have dermaplaning done,since they technically do it everyday when they shave, West said men will come in for the procedure to be done on your noses and foreheads.

Microdermabrasion Vs Dermaplaning

West said she is all for microdermabrasion but she likes dermaplaning better because it goes deeper than the microdermabrasion and it works better as an exfoliator.

Guidelines After Having Dermaplaning Procedure

West said it is important to rehydrate the skin after dermaplaning. She also suggested putting sunscreen on before heading outside because the skin is more sensitive without all the peach fuzz and dead skin cells protecting the epidermis from the sun.


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