The Drs: Melanoma Under Nail Polish & Bubble Bath Dangers


The Doctors TV Show: Nail Polish Hides Melanoma Cancer

The Drs TV Show spoke about Surprising Health Dangers today, and one of the dangers comes from wearing nail polish.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that a Melanoma of the nail bed can be a The Doctors Nail Polish Dangerslethal condition that many people miss because their nails are always painted with nail polish.  You can get Skin Cancer or Melanomas underneath your nails, and unfortunately, it is the most common form of Melanoma found in African Americans.  When you do not have nail polish on, you should check your nails for brown streaks, blue streaks or a combination of both brown and blue streaks, because this could be a sign of Nail Melanoma.  If you see any sign of this, you should see your doctor immediately to find out if it is Skin Cancer or something benign.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that this does not mean you have to go around without nail polish, but make sure that you examine your nails when they do not have polish on them… even if it is only for a few minutes at the nail salon.

The Doctors: Bubble Bath Dangers

Dr Lisa Masterson said that bubble baths can cause irritation to your bladder or urethra.  The bubble bath solution can even cause bladder infections, and if the bacteria goes up the tubes that lead to your kidneys, you could get kidney infections.  Dr Jim Sears said that bubble baths pose the same risks to kids and men, so he recommends for parents to have their kids play in a tub of water (with no soap or bubble bath added).  Then soap up your kids at the end, rinse them off, and get them out of the bathtub.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that soaps and bubble baths can be very drying to the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin or eczema.  He suggests that you avoid alcohol-based bubble baths or soaps with fragrances.



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