The Drs: Liver Disease From Carbs? + Moldy Breast Implant


The Doctors: Swords, Fire, & Claws To Cut Hair?

The Doctors kicked off their show by talking about Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands. The movie has become a reality now that Alberto Olmedo, who is taking hair cuts to a whole new level. The Spanish hair dresser working in Madrid, uses swords, fire, and claw-like scissors to give his clients a unique hair cut.


The Doctors: Fatty Liver Disease From Carbs & Sugar

The Drs: Liver Disease From Carbs? + Moldy Breast Implant

A woman turned to The Doctors to share her story of how a simple procedure turned into a life-changing horror story. (stanzebla / Flickr)

The Doctors then switched gears a bit to look at the human liver. Would you believe that someone who is constantly eating large amount of carbs and sugars could actually be doing the same thing to their liver as an alcohol? Research found a rise in the same protein that is higher in alcoholics. It’s actually non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A lot of times liver damage is irreversible. Normally liver is smooth and not too enlarged, but fatty liver disease wrecks the liver, making it a lot of thicker. Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that it was actually a big problem in overweight and obese children, because they can show signs of the same problem from high-sugar processed foods.

Make changes in your diet now before it’s too late.


The Doctors: Moldy, Ruptured Breast Implant

Next, The Doctors talked about a woman named Ann who, for years, suffered from unexplained health conditions until a specialist discovered something almost too shocking to believe. Ann introduced herself and shared that she actually started modeling around the age of 15. She had one breast that was larder than the other, which is why she decided to get breast implants when she was 20-years-old. She loved them but within six months she started to get headaches that felt like water was sitting on her brain.

She also started getting upper respiratory infections, swelling joints, and vision troubles. She saw several doctors but none of them could figure out what was wrong. She had liver pain and suffered stomachaches constantly. Her breasts were sore and one was bigger than the other again. She also started getting cysts on her ovaries which led to a complete hysterectomy, and then her voice suddenly disappeared.

When Ann woke up to do her self breast exam, she couldn’t find the implant. After getting a mammogram, the nurse told her she could confirm the implant was ruptured. She had mold on the inside of her implant as well as on the outside and in some of her breast tissue. When the implant ruptured mold was “dumped into her body” and went through her entire system.

The Doctors: Health Complications From Moldy Implants

Ann joined the show and said it was a nightmare once she found out what was going on. She finally knew why her sweat smelled so bad and why she had to throw away clothes because of the permanent stink. She still has a lot of nerve pain in her upper back and into her brain. Her hands and feet are still numb and she has joint pain in her hips and lower spine. She also still have breathing issues, although the implants were removed two years ago.

Dr Andrew Ordon said he had never seen mold like that grow on the outside of an implant. Once the mold is there, it’s going to stay there. However, Dr Ordon has seen contamination of the saline, which is what he believes happened. The Doctors were then joined by Dr Susan Kolb, who said she’s had a number of patients who have had trouble getting rid of the biotoxin. She added that 25% of the population can’t get rid the biotoxin, which means the patient gets extremely sick from the biotoxin that occurs from implant saline contamination. She believes that there needs to be better communication in the medical community about biotoxins in patients with implants.

Dr Kolb has saline implants herself, and made it clear that she’s not anti-implants.

The Doctors: Support For Women With Moldy Breast Implants

If you’re experiencing health symptoms and have been living with the same implants for many years, see if a mammogram is abnormal, but even then you may want to consider that the implants could be the cause of your health troubles. There’s a group called the Implant Truth Survivors Committee and Paula represented the group, explaining that she had the same issues as Ann. She still has the neurological cognitive issues and fibromyalgia, despite the fact that her implants were removed.


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