The Drs: Lisa Vanderpump + Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments


The Doctors: Lisa Vanderpump Beverly Hills Restaurant

Dr Travis Stork was driving around Beverly Hills with Moll Anderson, finding out more about the hottest celebrity beauty spots. Moll and Dr Stork agreed that they couldn’t go on a tour of Beverly Hills without meeting up with one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They decided to stop by Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant. The restaurant is called Pump, and Moll was pretty disappointed because Dr Jennifer Berman beat her to the spot, which means Dr Berman got to sit down with Lisa.


Lisa served Dr Berman a refreshing mocktail and then recommended the tuna tar tar with pomegranate as an appetizer, as well asa tower made out of sliced beets and goat cheese. Dr Berman said the dishes were both healthy and delicious! Lisa shared that she’s excited to have the opportunity to work with her husband at the restaurant. She also shared that because her metabolism has slowed down, she has to spend about 45 minutes on the treadmill each day and tries to avoid carbohydrates later in the day.

The Drs: Lisa Vanderpump + Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

While touring Beverly Hills, The Doctors paid a visit to Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant for healthy dishes and a peek into how she stays fit. (dvsross / Flickr)


The Doctors: Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

Moll and Dr Stork then visited the Ordon Chopra Med Spa, which is Dr Drew Ordon’s new center. Dr Ritu Chopra explained that they wanted to open their own non-invasive, non-surgical center, because celebrities love treatments that require no down time. Dr Chopra was actually doing a treatment on Dr Ordon, giving him some Botox to take care of his crows feet and wrinkles around his eyes. During the treatment, Dr Ordon explained that there is a variety of non-surgical treatments available that just about anyone can benefit from. There’s microdermabrasian, oxygen therapy, light and laser therapy, fillers, and Botox. Dr Ordon also underwent laser therapy to make his skin look and feel younger in just ten minutes.

The Doctors: Celebrity Hair Stylist + Hottest Hair Trends

Moll Anderson visited Tracey Cunningham, a celebrity hair colorist at Meche Salon who works with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. Moll asked for hair like Jessica Biel, who Tracey also works with, and Tracey explained that for Jessica, she lightens up all of her hair and then “drops it down” with a base color over it, making it look like it’s growing out, when it actually isn’t. It’s a look that grows out really nicely and naturally. The celebrities she most gets asked to replicate in terms of hair color are Lily Aldridge, Emma Stone, and Khloe Kardashian.

Tracey suggested that you always bring a photograph to your hair colorist so that they know exactly what color you’re looking for. Moll was absolutely thrilled with her results.

The Doctors: Soul Cycle Workout Class

Dr Travis Stork then tried Soul Cycle for the first time along with Moll Anderson, Dr Jennifer Berman, and Brooke Burke-Charvet. Roarke, the instructor, was excited to take them all through a 45-minute motivational workout done on bikes. Roarke was excited to show Dr Stork that although he’s a cyclist, he’s never Soul Cycled! They were all dripping in sweat but smiling the whole time. He agreed that there was something about riding alongside friends that made it more enjoyable!

After the workout class, Moll and Dr Stork visited the Earth Bar for healthy smoothies to replenish electrolytes and load up on protein, just like celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Anne Hathaway do!


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