The Drs: LipoSonix Melts Fat & MiraDry Sweaty Armpit Procedure


The Doctors: Needle-Free Plastic Surgery

Advances in plastic surgery mean you don’t have to literally go under the knife. Dr. Andrew Ordon said you should do your research when it comes to plastic surgery. He said there are a variety of non-invasive procedures that can work for you.

The Doctors: LipoSonix Fat Melting Procedure

High intensity, focused ultrasonic heat explodes fat cells. You actually can melt fat using this heated ultrasound. Dr. Travis’s Fat Burning Blowtorch wasn’t far off from reality after all.


Before and After pictures indicate that this treatment can have lasting effects, when combined with diet and exercise. You can find a doctor in your area who will do this procedure by visiting

The Drs: Armpit Sweat Procedure

You can put an end to your persistent armpit sweat with a new procedure.

The Doctors: Persistent Armpit Sweat Procedure

A woman named Renair complained that she has overly sweaty armpits. She’s tried a variety of antiperspirants, but nothing seems to work. She wondered if there’s anything that can be done about this. If they say Botox, my head might explode.


Dr. Ava Shamban and Renair joined The Doctors to explain a needle-free, permanent fix. If you have excessive sweating or odor under your arms, you may want Mira Dry treatment. The device looks like a hair dryer.

The Doctors: MiraDry Sweat Gland Treatment Review

Dr. Shamban mapped the sweat glands throughout Renair’s armpit, which looked like a football playbook. She numbed the area, so apparently it’s not completely needle-free. The treatment is as simple as moving the device over the area for about 30 minutes.

The process takes “two treatments separated by three months,” Dr. Shamban said. The sweat glands actually disappear after this treatment. Visit to see if there’s a doctor doing this in your area.

Do You Need Sweat Glands

Dr. Travis Stork explained that the purpose of sweating is to release heat from the body. But high concentrations of sweat glands in your armpits and groin aren’t necessary for your body to cool itself. There are different types of sweat glands throughout the body. This procedure will not prevent you from releasing heat while exercising.

The Drs: Regret Over Tattoos

Young people are the biggest culprits when it comes to regrettable tattoos. Just ask The Man Who Tattooed His Penis. A Nebraska parent wants advice on how to talk her daughter out of getting “an extreme tattoo across her chest.”

Tattoos are becoming common, but Dr. Travis Stork asked how far is too far. As an example, he showed pictures of Marie Jose, who calls herself the Vampire Woman. She is an activist speaking out about domestic violence.

She has six horns in her head, six on her arms, and three horns on her neck. Her body and face are covered in tattoos, and her face is full of jewelry. Her ears are gauged and it’s clear she has put together an extreme look.

The Drs: Tattoos & Body Art Risks

Dr. Andrew Ordon advised against getting tattoos on the face, neck, or scalp, because resulting infections can be extremely serious. Dr. Jim Sears said his 18-year-old is also considering a tattoo, and he supports her decisions but reminded her to think about what it would look like decades later.

Dr. Travis said teens around age 14 or 15 will probably regret their tattoos. He recommended that parents make them wait until they are at least 18, which is the minimum legal age in many states. Risks of tattoos include Hepatitis and HIV, if the equipment isn’t properly sterile.


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