The Drs: Healthy Breasts + Celebrity Secrets For Glowing Skin


The Doctors: Tips For Healthy Breasts

The Doctors hit the road to do a show literally on the road, taking their viewers on a “medical map of the stars” checking out all the places that A-list celebrities visit to boost their appearances and even their health. Dr Travis Stork first stopped by the Pink Lotus Breast Center to visit Dr Kristi Funk, surgical breast specialist, in her surgical suite. Angelina Jolie is one of her patients, but Dr Funk revealed that the same tips she gives to celebrities to keep their breasts healthy, are the same tips she gives to all her patients.


First, Dr Funk explained that mammograms are graded on a scale of 1-4 in terms of density, because dense breast tissue looks the same as white cancer. The denser your breasts, the higher the chance cancer could be camouflaged by all the dense tissue. Up to 50% of cancers are missed in the densest breast. Ask your doctor if contrast mammograms are a better choice for you, or even an MRI.

The Drs: Healthy Breasts + Celebrity Secrets For Glowing Skin

The Doctors were literally filming their show from the car, visiting the hottest spots in Beverly Hills to see how celebrities get red carpet ready. (pvld / Flickr)

You should also know your history on both your mom and dad’s side. Third, promise to exercise, avoid gaining excess weight, and drink less than one alcoholic drink a day in order to keep breast cancer away.


The Doctors: Dentist To The Stars

Dr Stork then visited Dr Sam Saleh, a cosmetic dentist, at Ora Dentistry Spa. His dentist office is unlike any other, because he wanted to make his office seem more like a spa to help his patients relax. His Ora bar is famous for the cocktails it serves to patients before or after appointments for relaxation purposes. The office has a private door for celebrity patients who want to avoid the paparazzi. He’s one of the first doctors in Beverly Hill to have invested in digital dentistry, which allows him to scan the teeth and design restoration for the patients to see.

The Doctors: Treatments For Red Carpet-Ready Skin

Third, Dr Stork headed to see the facialist to the stars, who sees everyone from Kylie Jenner to Diane Keaton. Her name is Christie Kidd and she revealed one of the top treatments celebrities are using to get ready for the red carpet. She uses Botox to relax muscle movement and fills in laugh lines and plumps up lips with fillers. She also uses cortisone shots to help celebrities who have a painful pimple pop up the day of a big event. One of her favorite treatments to help you achieve a last-minute glow is laser genesis. It helps reduce redness, tighten pores, and you can do it the morning of your big event. You can also get a facial that will do the same thing, but you need to do it a couple months in advance with a few treatment sessions in order to get the results you’re hoping for.

There’s also Ulthera which stimulates new collagen growth, and it’s the only FDA-approved device for a non-invasive lift of the skin.

The Doctors: Celebrity Secrets For Perfect Eyebrows

Finally, at Anastasia Salon, Dr Stork learned more about the woman who takes care of the eyebrows of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez. He dropped Moll Anderson off at the salon and then headed to see a physical therapist at Body Connection to take care of his back pain. Moll also helped another young woman who said she had bushy eyebrows and wanted to transform them in a way that would better fit her face. The beautician used a stencil to fill in the eyebrow, showing how long they should be, and then cleaned up their overall shape.

The beautician then helped a breast cancer survivor who just finished chemotherapy and is growing back her eyebrows. She gave her a serum to help her regrow her eyebrows and then showed her how to use a stencil and makeup to draw them on in a way that made them look natural. Because Moll was losing eyebrow hair from menopause, she was also given a serum to help with growth, before she was also shown how to use makeup to transform her look, filling them in to make them thicker and longer, because thicker eyebrows are a sign of youth.

The Doctors: Dr Travis Stork Physical Therapy For Back Pain

While at Body Connection, Dr Travis Stork visited Danielle Orland, a physical therapist. He explained that he went kayaking a few weeks ago and that’s what brought the pain on. Danielle noticed that Dr Stork’s facet was jammed, throwing him out of alignment and causing him to stiffen up, limiting his mobility. She worked with him to help him loosen up his back and finally find relief from his pain.


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