The Drs: Future Life Expectancy + Is Alzheimer’s Contagious?


The Doctors: Humans Living Longer

The Doctors shared that according to the National Institute on Aging, the average 65-year-old can expect to live another 19.3 years and the population of adults aged 85 and older is projected to increase 351% by the year 2050. The first humans expected to live to 150 are already alive. One tip to live longer is to incorporate just 10 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. Speaking of living, that was the word of he day and you can use the word living to enter for a chance to win Lumixyl trifecting night cream.


The Doctors: Alzheimer’s Passed From Person To Person?

The Drs: Future Life Expectancy + Is Alzheimer's Contagious?

The Doctors reported news of a study that found the possibility that Alzheimer’s could be passed from person to person. ([email protected] / Flickr)

For their Doctors News in 2:00, The Doctors reported that a new study published in the Journal of Nature triggered some shocking headlines reporting that Alzheimer’s could be passed from person to person. The author was quoted saying there’s “no need for public alarm” and that the study does not suggest Alzheimer’s is a contagious disease. The study found that seeds from an abnormal brain protein associated with Alzheimer’s could’ve been transmitted through a specific human growth hormone injected into thousands of people between 1958 and 1985. The hormone was extracted from the pituitary glands of human cadavers and hasn’t been used for 30 years. There is no evidence of a medical procedure that can transfer those seeds from one person to another.


The Doctors: Mishandling Of Bioterrorism Pathogens

The Doctors then reported that pathogens associated with bioterrorism may have been mishandled at four separate facilities associated with the Department of Defense’s critical reagent’s program. The Doctors learned that the CDC is now investigating how several critical bioterrorism agents including those that caused the plague, anthrax, and two types of encephalitis, were labeled and shipped at labs in Maryland and Utah.

The Doctors: Melanie Gaydos NY Fashion Week

The Doctors then reported that Melanie Gaydos, who appeared on their show, just walked on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Melanie was born with a rare medical disorder that affected her skin and hair, as well as a cleft lip and palate. Melanie is certainly redefining beauty.


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